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4 Must-Reads to Start the New Year

4 Must-Reads to Start the New Year

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New year, new book list. I am sharing my top four in the categories entrepreneurship, art, fun and travel. I hope you like them!

 Barbie and Ruth

It is really no surprise that sooner rather than later I wanted to read the biography of Ruth Handler, the creator of the world’s most famous doll. It was really interesting and inspiring to read about Ruth’s journey. I vaguely knew about the idea behind the Barbie doll -Ruth basically created the doll for her daughter Barbara because she thought young girls would enjoy to play with dolls looking like grown ups, not only babies. Decades later we know that Ruth was right. After the model of a German doll, Barbie was created. But if you think it was an easy path, you really need to read the book. It is a very good insight not only into the creation of Barbie but into the many obstacles entrepreneurs, and especially women, face along the way. A must read even for those who might not fans of Barbie.

Tuesday Nights in 1980

All art lovers, this is your book for 2018! I have always wondered how would it be to be part of a bustling art scene of New York. What would it be like to party with famous artists? And what was it like to experience the SoHo of the 1980s?

The novel follows three protagonists: You will get to know James, an art critic of the New York Times and his way of writing about art. Raul is an Argentinian artist who fled from his own past. The two personal stories are brought together by Lucy – a young beauty, who moved from a small town to New York and has become Raul’s muse. And then there is this young boy from Buenos Aires.

Gin Glorious Gin

Tanqueray 10, Hendricks, Gin Mare – I love you all. But what I like even more is trying new types of gin by small, independent breweries. As an avid gin lover, of course, I wanted to know more about my favourite drink. (For those of you who do not know it yet: I only drink gin or Campari. Never ever try to “impress” my with a glass of champagne. 😉 )

Gin Glorious Gin takes you to London, the motherland of gin and takes you on a historical journey of how the drink and the city shaped each other.

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The Culture Code

I bought this book when I did the research for my PhD to compare European and Asian views. Clotaire Rapaille has worked with many big brands and shared his knowledge about “culture codes” to localize not only their marketing but also their products. The Chrysler PT Cruiser was developed after Americans were asked to share their childhood memories and how they feel about certain things. I found it particularly interesting to read about the different notions of love – the search for Mr. Right propagated in the West by Hollywood and a more “practical” view in Asian societies, where people seek stability more than passionate love.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think? And what is on your reading list for 2018?

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