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Lake Neusiedl – The Adriatic Sea of the Viennese

Lake Neusiedl – The Adriatic Sea of the Viennese

Neusiedler See View Sailing Boats

As the hot summer days have arrived, we all try to get a break from the steaming city. Wouldn’t it be nice to just escape to the seaside for a day? Unfortunately, Austria is a landlocked country. But Lake Neusiedl, called the “Adriatic Sea of the Viennese” by the locals, and its beaches are just an half-hour-drive from Austria’s capital.


I personally really like the beach in Podersdorf with its cute lighthouse. Locals also love the beach in Neusiedl and the Seebad in Breitenbrunn, about 20 minutes from Neusiedl.

Neusiedler See Podersdorf Lighthouse
Lighthouse in Podersdorf

Sailing, Kitesurfing and Windsurfing

Because of its location in the Pannonian lowland, Lake Neusiedl benefits from strong winds. Hence, it is a popular spot for sailing, kite- and windsurfing. In early summer, thousands of surfing and sailing enthusiasts flock to Podersdorf for the worldcup and other major competitions.

Neusiedler See Sunset View
Beautiful sunset views as if you were by the sea

Eat and Drink

Lake View

The Haus im See is located on the East side of the lake, in the small Hungarian town of Fertorakos. The restaurant and hotel rooms are hosted in a thatched roof house typical of the villages around the lake. The owners are the founders of the internationally renowned restaurant Taubenkobel in Schuetzen.

Neusiedler See Haus im See Terrace
The view from the terrace of the Haus im See in Fertorakos

The best way to experience this place is to come by sailing boat and have an afternoon snack or dinner on the beautiful terrace overlooking the lake. Alternatively, you can come by car via Sopron and stay the night in the cute rooms. (Fertorákos, 9400, Bajnok u. 67)

Neusiedler See Haus im See Room
If you feel like staying over night, every room of the Haus im See is uniquely designed.

Mole West is popular amongst the Viennese crowd. I have to say that the location is beautiful and you may overlook the chaotic service if you want to enjoy a sunset drink. However, I think the food is a bit overpriced. (Seegelaende 9, Neusiedl am See)

Another beautiful lake side restaurant is Zur Blauen Gans in Weiden. (Seepark Weiden)

Local Food with a Modern Twist

Nyikospark is one of my favourites in the region. The food is a modern take on local dishes. Try the paprika-fish-soup (paprizierte Fischsuppe) and the dishes with fish from Lake Neusiedl. The Creme-Schnitten (slices with vanilla cream) are to die for. (Untere Hauptstraße 59, Neusiedl)

Neusiedler See View
A reed belt surrounds Lake Neusiedl and is the source of the traditional thatched roofs of the region.

Wirtshaus im Hofgassl is perfect for a romantic date. It is situated in a traditional house with a narrow “Gassl”, a kind of path leading to the garden. You can choose between classic dishes or local food with a creative twist. All dishes use local ingredients. I recommend booking a table in the romantic garden. (Rathausplatz 10, Rust)

Neusiedler See Rust Wirtshaus Hofgassl
The restaurant “Hofgassl” is named ofter this small path between the houses in Rust.

A “Heuriger” is a small eatery by a wine producer where you can taste the wine and enjoy local snacks. Gut Oggau, also associated with the famous Taubenkobel restaurant, takes this local “Heurigen”-concept to the next level. (Hauptstraße 31)

Neusiedler See Gut Purbach Starters
Dining at the Gut Purbach is a true experience.

Gut Purbach on the Eastern side of the lake is a must for adventurous foodies. The chef Max Stiegl was not only the youngest chef to be awarded a Michelin star, but is also someone we call “Ein Original” (an original, ie. a very special person in the most positive sense). His approach is to use every part of the animals – from intentines, to stomach and trunk. Stiegl served Antony Bourdain anus during his Austria visit in 2011. For all those who are less adventurous, there are other options on the menu as well. Try to get a table in the beautiful courtyard. (Hauptgasse 64, Purbach)

Neusiedler See Gut Purbach Dessert
Who can resist those sweet dumplings with ice cream? I definitely could not.
Ice Cream

If you spend a day at the beach in Podersdorf, stop by Sandburg for some delicious frozen yoghurt. (Seestraße 91, Podersdorf am See)

In case you spend the day on the East side, Eissalon Statzinger is a must for ice cream. My favourite sorts are Himbeer-Joghurt (raspberry-yoghurt) and poppy seed. (Oggauerstraße 11, Rust)

Non-Beach Activities

Exploring and Wine Tasting in Rust and Moerbisch

The two towns of Rust and Moerbisch are perfect if you want to go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful houses and scenery. Rust is famous for the storks builidng their nests on the roofs of local houses. The Fischerkirche in Rust is a church dating back to the 12th century. Its interior is home to the most important and richest frescos of the Burgenland region.

Neusiedler See Rust Street
Explore the town of Rust. The town center with its colourful houses is a true gem.

End the day with a nice glass of wine in one of the many “Heurigen” – eateries by wine producers where you can try their wine and have a bite. Alternatively, you can also do a wine tasting at one of the many wine producers, e.g. Weingut Mad in Oggau (I recommend sending them an email in advance).

Visit the National Park

The National Park Neusiedler See Seewinkel is famous for its natural environment and domestic animals. You can watch rare birds, Hungarian longhorns (grey cattle), water buffalos, white donkeys and Mangalitza-pigs in their natural habitat.

Neusiedler See Purbach Storck
Oh, hello! Storcks build their nests on top of the houses in the region around Lake Neusiedl.
Rent a bike

Because the area is flat, biking is a really convenient way of getting around. There is a cycle path around the lake. I recommend renting a bike in Rust or Moerbisch and go from there.

Shop at the Designer Outlet Parndorf

Are you sick of lying in the sun? On your way back to Vienna you can stop at the outlet for some bargain shopping. I was debating whether I should add the outlet here or not. I am personally not a big fan of it as it is very crowded with tour groups coming to shop for designer clothing. However, I know that a lot of you might be bargain hunters and I thought it might be worth mentioning it and let you make the decision yourselves. 🙂

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Neusiedler See Purbach Traditional House
A traditional house in the town of Purbach
Cherry Tours

Another great activity to explore the region is to do a cherry tour with Kirschengenussquelle in Breitenbrunn. For more information, check out my interview with the founder and owner Andrea Strohmayer.

Lake Neusiedl The Adriatic Sea of the Viennese Panorama
Endless views of the lake connecting Austria and Hungary

How to Get to Lake Neusiedl

You can go to Lake Neusiedl by car, taking the highway A4 from Vienna to arrive in the North and West of the lake (Neusiedl, Breitenbrunn, Podersdorf and the outlet in Parndorf). If you want to go to the Eastern side (Purbach, Rust, Moerbisch, Oggau and Fertorakos, take the A3).

You can also take the train to Parndorf and Neusiedl if you know that you will stay in one of the towns. For getting around, however, I think the car is most convenient.

Neusiedler See Haus im See Hammock

Note on Planning Your Day

Because of the size of the lake, I recommend to spend your day either on the East or the West side of the lake to avoid spending a lot of time in the car.

If you want to take a break from the car, you can also take the ferry across the lake from Rust to Illmitz and back.

If you plan to cross the border to Hungary, do not forget to bring your ID with you (passport or other official form of identification; a drivers license is not enough).

Pro tip: bring some mosquito repellent. Unfortunately, the lake is famous for the mosquito swarms during summer nights.

Special thanks to Charlotte and Christine Jagenbrein for sharing some of their pictures with me!

All information as of the date of publishing. We cannot accept responsibility for the correctness or completeness of the data, or for ensuring that it is up to date.

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  • never been to Austria, but looks like an amazing place to visit! Paprika fish soup…mmmm! I love paprika! and don’t even get me started on ice cream… 😉 Thank you for this comprehensive post, I’m glad I have a reference for my future visit!

    • Thank you so much for your comment. I’m glad you find my tips useful and I hope you will make it to Austria soon!

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