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Best Burgers in Bangkok

Best Burgers in Bangkok

Best Burger Places in Bangkok Madcow Burger

When it comes to Thailand, images that usually come to mind are of beautiful beaches, spicy papaya salad, mangos and, of course, smiles.  However, this hides the amazing food scene that Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, has to offer. 

The city has the full range from Michelin stars to local street food. When it comes to Bangkok, it has it all. The focus of this post, however, may come as a surprise to some – burgers.  That’s right, burgers!  Within the food scene in Bangkok, burgers have emerged as some of the city’s finest treasures.  My dedicated team and I decided to sample a few of the best-known burger places and write a brief summary of what we thought. 

Daniel Thaiger – Sukhumvit Soi 11

Located in Soi 11, Daniel Thaiger offers a new spin on the old-fashioned burger. They serve their burgers with a highly addictive sauce, and freshly baked brioche bun. The combination of spicy sauces and the sweetness of the bun add a new dimension to the burger. Portion-wise, I could just about finish one, but other members of the team had about one and a half! (No judgement here.)

The fries here are not as good as some of the others on the list, but the jalapeno poppers are really something else! In terms of ambiance, Daniel Thaiger is located right at the end of Soi 11 (one of the more touristy streets in Bangkok). The Soi is packed full of bars – some are nice, some not so much (if you know what I mean…).  A thing to be warned is that if you are taking a car, there might be traffic. The only other thing I would caution is that the menu lacks a bit when it comes to deserts and is more of a restaurant you would go to before going out somewhere else. But we are here for the burgers anyways. All in all, the food at this place is really amazing and has become one of my favourite burger places in the city. (30 Soi Sukhumvit 11)

New York Style Steak and Burger – Sukhumvit Soi 22

Located in Soi 22, New York Style Steak and Burger is your old school burger joint. The buns are lightly toasted and served with the traditional sauces you would expect. No frills, just a good-sized burger and really juicy patty! The menu has ample variety, there is something for everyone. The fries here are some of best on the list. They come with a good nice of salt and spices, and are served with every order. The restaurant has a really nice ambiance, and our favorite feature – a kitchen that you can look into!  A word of caution though, traffic on Soi 22 can be bad at times, so please keep that in mind if you are driving. One of the hits on the menu has to be the cheese cake. The other deserts are also worth noting as well. Overall, a great family friendly place for a burger at any time of day. (28 Soi Sukhumvit 22)

Best Burger Places in Bangkok New York Style Steak and Burger

The Verandah – Mandarin Oriental

At first, this may seem as a strange selection for a review on burgers, but the Verandah is a master class when it comes to burgers. The bun is well toasted and the patties are well cooked. The burger comes with a side salad and fries. The ambiance of this place is the best on the list, hands down! Eating by the river and seeing the boats go by is great at all times of the day. An element that differentiates this restaurant from the others is the level of service and attention to detail when it comes to the food. I had a few items removed from the burger and the staff took the request in their stride and did an amazing job. Moreover, being the Mandarin Oriental, the desserts are all amazing! (Mandarin Oriental Hotel, 48 Oriental Avenue)

Easy Burger

A new addition to the burger scene in Bangkok, but one that is quickly making a name for itself.  The menu is a straightforward and simple with a good amount of variety. The one defining aspect of this restaurant is the specials. For this review, I had the Big Poppa burger and it was exceptionally tasty. Everything from the bun down to the patty was nicely cooked. The fries were nice and crispy also, albeit smaller in portion size than the others on this list. Another drawback was that you had to pay for sauce (mind you it is a tiny amount of about THB 20, about EUR 0.55). The burger was tested without sauce and was still very tasty! 

This restaurant was reviewed while Bangkok was in lockdown so I cannot comment about the atmosphere.  But what I can say, is the burger did not disappoint! My only beef with this restaurant was that it lacked a bit when it came to deserts. A good brownie with ice cream after one of these bad boys would have been perfect! (1B7, 12/2 Soi Sukhumvit 50)

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AGE Burger

Another newcomer to the Bangkok burger scene.  When it comes to these burgers the following quote comes to mind: “Big things come in small packages”. While smaller than the other burgers on the list, they are packed with flavor! I personally prefer smaller burgers, as I can never finish them anyways. But I just wanted to point it out for those who can finish bigger portions.

The fries are well cooked and beautifully seasoned. I sampled these burgers ordering in, so I cannot comment about the atmosphere. Where this restaurant shines, is the desserts! I have to say, the apple strudel was almost as in Austria and I think I read somewhere that the owner of it is German. (But this is not a confirmed fact.) (37/3 Charoen Chai Alley)


While not your traditional burger restaurant and better known for decadent steaks, the burger here sure did not disappoint! The only drawback here is the price… It is substantially higher than the other places in this review. However, do not let that throw you off, with the burger comes a health portion of sweet potato fries, and garlic bread. Effectively, you get a full meal and then some! The bun comes toasted perfectly and the wagyu patty is cooked to perfection. (Soi Sukhumvit 39)

Madcow Burger

Located off Sukhumvit Soi 23, Madcow Burger is a hole-in-the-wall with just a few tables. Many people just come to pick up their burgers and enjoy them at home. Hence, the ambience is similar to eating at a sausage stand in Vienna or the typical places you may end up after a long and crazy party night. But the burgers! The buns are very fluffy and toasted well and the paddy is very juicy. I did not try the fries, hence, I cannot rate them here. But the burgers are definitely worth the trip to Soi 23. (39/1 Sukhumvit Road, I would enter Prasarnmit Plaza on the GPS which is right opposite of Madcow Burger.)

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