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Book of the Month – I am Malala

Book of the Month – I am Malala

Book of the Month Review I Am Malala

Autumn has finally arrived – It’s the perfect time to spend a rainy day on your couch and read an inspiring book. Here’s my favourite book for October.

‘I am Malala’ is not the most recent publication, however, in light of the current release of the documentary ‘He Called Me Malala’, it is definitely a must read.

This book will introduce you to an incredibly inspiring young lady, who started to speak up for her right to education very on in her life. You will also hear about the story of a loving father who believed in his daughter from the very beginning. He knew ‘there is something different about this child’ – in a country where girls are still less valued than boys.

‘The Taliban could take our pens and books, but they couldn’t stop our minds from thinking.”

Malala was named after the Malalai of Maiwand, ‘the greatest heroine of Afghanistan’, who Malala also describes as the Jeanne d’Arc of the Pashtun tribes. I was very moved by Malala’s passion and, admittedly, also a bit embarrassed about the things I did when I was her age – probably the typical teenager crises we all went through – instead of contributing to the change of society.

The book will not only tell you Malala’s personal story but also take you to Pakistan, to the area of Swat where this contemporary heroine grew up. I knew very little about the history of Pakistan before reading her book and it is definitely a good start to learn more about the country and maybe get access to a different perspective than the one media show you: a country shattered by terrorist attacks and people living in constant danger. While Malala tells us about the arrival of the Taliban and their attitude towards education and women, she also shows us other sides of the country: she takes you to the mountains, hidden waterfalls and to happy families.

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Malala is definitely a person whose inspiration goes far beyond encouraging us to speak up for our rights. She shows us to never give up, believe in our goals and respect and look beyond religions, beliefs, skin colours and gender.

Stay tuned for my post on ‘He Called Me Malala’ next week, I’m looking forward to sharing it with you!

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