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How the Chinese Ancient Town of Fengjing became a Graffiti Centre

How the Chinese Ancient Town of Fengjing became a Graffiti Centre

How the Chinese Ancient Town of Fengjing became a Graffiti Centre Pink Girl River

When I first heard about Fengjing, I actually did not know anything about this town. Little did I expect that this inconspicuous ancient town near Western Shanghai has become a centre for modern street art.

graffiti town near Shanghai Fengjing Boy

The small ancient town Fengjing near Western Shanghai has become a destination making street art enthusiasts’ heart skip a beat. The French graffiti artist Julien Malland, aka as ‘SETH’, has painted the walls of abandoned houses with his graffiti artworks.

Graffiti Town near Shanghai Fengjing Girl River

I really love the architecture of traditional Chinese houses. Unfortunately, these house have become very rare as they had to give way to modern condos. In Fengjing, they have become the canvas for SETH’s works.

Graffiti Town near Shanghai Fengjing Friends

What I like most about his graffiti art in Fengjing is the direct dialogue between the buildings and the artworks. They somehow seem to be melted into each other – whether its bay windows becoming one of the objects of the large graffiti figures or a river dividing a mural into two.

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Graffiti Town near Shanghai Fengjing Sleeping Girl

Let’s hope that these artworks are enough reason to preserve the old buildings! It is definitely a great example that modern art and traditional heritage can work very well together!

Special thanks to Magda and Robert Hartmann for their beautiful pictures. 🙂

Graffiti Town near Shanghai Fengjing River
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  • I loved this post! I get to visit China quite frequently and this is something one just doesn’t see there. How beautiful! I will definitely have to add it to my list of places to visit.

  • This article is great, I mean, how cool is this place? I’m definitely taking notes!
    I love street art and these graffiti are amazing, thanks so much for making me discover Fengjing!

    • Thank you! You’re welcome, I think this place is really worth sharing. It’s such a cool concept of old and new!

  • These arts are simply wonderful. And I must say you have captured those photos very well to define their beauty

  • As a Melburnian, the street art capital of the world, these are incredible! Man, i need to get over to see art like this. Such an awesome find!

  • Wow – this is really amazing! I love street art and these works are really thoughtful. What a wonderful place!

  • Lovely. A lot of cities are beautifying themselves using the street art but this is the first time I see a kids theme. It looks like the whole town is a nursery rhyme. I am sure it beings out the kid in you.

  • These pictures are stunning! I love it when artists use the space well like this. Using the window frame as a head rest or holding onto it like a treasured momento. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing!

    • I agree, using the building as details for the artwork is really cool. I think it helps bringing the murals to life.

  • This street art is absolutely adorable! I especially love the boy and girl sitting across from each other at the dam. Do you know why all these buildings are abandoned? I’m so fascinated by the history now!

    • I actually don’t and I am not sure if they are all abandoned. The problem in a lot of cities in China is that it is now cheaper to go into a new building because the maintenance of the old ones is quite costly.

  • Who would have thought China (Fengjing) had incredible street art going on? This totally put a new spin on China for me – thanks for sharing this quirky take on China!

    • There are so many cool places all over China. I think the issue is that most of the travel reports focus on the historic parts but art-wise China has a lot to offer.

  • Absolutely gorgeous post. Cannot get over how beautiful the art is and how thought out they are (head resting on the window). What a great way to use old buildings as well as brighten them up 🙂

  • Who would have thought China had it going on with some remarkable street art! I love how creative it is against its natural backdrop and existing surroundings. Thanks so much for sharing this and changing my perception on what to expect from quaint Chinese towns 🙂

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