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‘Get to Know Vancouver’-Walk

‘Get to Know Vancouver’-Walk

Get to Know Vancouver Walk Title

Vancouver offers so many things to see – from art, to nature, culture, food and many more leisure activities. To get a feeling for what the city has to offer, I’ve created this walk for you to start your stay in the city.


Start your walk at Canada Place and Walk towards Harbour Green Park, passing by the killer whale statue. Take some time and watch the small planes landing (if you are keen on visiting Victoria, for example, this is the place where most of the planes leave).



For those who want to take a longer walk, walk along the harbour until you reach the beginning of Stanley Park and discover luxury boats but also more creative ways to live on the water.





Back at Harbour Green Park, walk up the stairs until you reach Ai Wei Wei’s public artwork.


As part of the Vancouver Biennale, the Chinese artist and human rights activits created a blockage of iron spikes using ordinary grass as a metaphor. Each blade stands for ordinary individuals who collectively become a powerful force. This could be one reason for the artwork’s F-shape. Furthermore, ‘grass’ in Chinese is pronounced the same way as the f-word and those who are familiar with Ai Wei Wei’s work know about his strong expressions.


Walk down Blue Street and turn right on Barclay Street. Walk until you reach the crossing of Barclay and Nicola Street. On your right you will find an area taking you back in time with its historic houses, Barclay Manor above is one of them.


Walk down Nicola Street until the crossing with Nelson Street until you reach the historic firehall no. 6.

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Continue on Nicola Street until you reach Beach Avenue. Walk towards English Bay and enjoy the view and art deco buildings. At English Bay there is the public artwork ‘A-maze-ing Laughter’ by Chinese artists Yue Minjun.


Take the Ferry at False Creek to Granville Island and enjoy the walk through the Public Market. From the ferry, look up at Burrard Bridge, it’s one of the most beautiful art deco bridges I have ever seen.


Apart from the galleries and stores at Public Market, make sure to check out the residential area as well. You will be surprised to find beautiful and quiet places hosting ducks and geese. End your walk by taking one of those cute boat taxis (see below) to Hornby.


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