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Hong Kong Street Art Walking Tour

Hong Kong Street Art Walking Tour

My (not so) secret passion is street art. Hong Kong is a city where I constantly discover new street artworks. The following walking tour shows you my favourite artworks in Mid-Levels and Sheung Wan (my hoods 🙂 ). Enjoy exploring these beautiful and bustling areas and all the cool artworks!

Take up the escalator (it starts in Queens Road Central) and go up until Prince’s Terrace (after the Caine Road).

You might recognize this work by Kelsey Montague. Her street art went viral when Taylor Swift posed in front of one of her “Angel Murals”. This one is now decorating a gallery in Prince’s Terrace.

And now, you might recognize the wall, this was there before the wings. It actually was one of my favourites… Do not get me wrong, I do like the wings, but this one was really special because every morning when I past it, I made a wish for the day.

Walk down until you reach Staunton Street. You are now in one of Hong Kong’s busiest bar areas. Turn left on Staunton and right on Graham Street.

At the crossing with Hollywood Road, you will find one of the most photographed spots in Hong Kong island (after Victoria Peak, I guess). I managed to take this picture very early in the morning. During the day, you might have to queue for a picture 🙂 This one is next to the GOD store.

Right across on the left of Hollywood Road is this fairly new mural. I guess it might have been commissioned by the gallery on the ground floor to draw attention to it, but this is just my assumption.

Turn left on Aberdeen Street. On your right, is PMQ – it was the former Police Married Headquarters and has been turned into a creative space for young artists, designers and small boutiques and restaurants.

Have a coffee AND cake (yes, you have to try the cake) at Café Life and enjoy the beautifully decorated stairs all across the buildings. For more information, check out my post about PMQ.

On the corner to Bridges Street on your left, you will see this funny mural by Jaydraws.

In front of the Centre Stage apartment building, you are reminded about the people who could not join you on your Hong Kong trip. Unfortunately, this table is obstructing our view, but it was far too heavy for me too lift it on my own. 🙂

Just before Oolaa (which is also a great place for coffee), turn right and walk down the stairs to Hollywood Road.

I have to admit that I cannot locate this one anymore, it is somewhere on Hollywood Road. Maybe one of you knows where it is exactly?

Someone is watching you on Hollywood Road.

This artwork on the crossing of Hollywood Road and Square Street was actually the reason why I started documenting street art in Hong Kong. The piercing eyes just captivated me.

The following artworks are all in Water Lane. Just a couple of meters from Square Street. The painting above is my absolute favourite.

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Water lane and the streets and lanes around it are a very popular area for street art. I am sure that by now, many more works have emerged.

This lion is the decoration of the Crafty Cow Bar at Upper Station Street. Walk up Upper Station Street until you reach Tai Ping Shan Street and then turn right.

This street is full of murals. The one above is at the corner of  Tai Ping Shan Street and Upper Station Street (when you look into the small square with Reserva Iberica, a Spanish delicatessen shop). Also on this square, there are many more street artworks.

Walk down the stairs of Tai Ping Shan Street past the temples (Palace of Moon & Water Kwun Yum Temple on your right and Pak Shing Temple on your left).

Right at the corner of Po Yan Street on your right, you can find this colourful dragon as the ending point of our street art tour.

To make your treasure hunt a bit easier, I have marked the walk and the major spots in a map for you:

I would just like to mention that this is not an exhaustive list. If you spotted more great works, please let me know. Unfortunately, the downside of street art is that it often disappears. I have written this article in April 2017 and some works might have disappeared by the time you read the article. It would be great if you let me know about this as well. I am also happy to hear about the name of the artists who I have not been able to identify as yet. Thanks a lot in advance!

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  • This is great! I’m a weirdo for street art and always annoy the people around me by stopping everywhere to snap pictures. It’s cool that you created a walk with the works you found, although I find what is so fascinating about street art is that it’s always changing and new things start to appear. Makes it hard to keep track but always gives you something new to discover. I really like the stairs and the close-up eyes. Great gallery 🙂

    • Thanks a lot for your lovely feedback. I can totally relate to the snapping pictures even though you annoy everybody around you 😀

  • Ah this is amazing. I love street art too. I always try to find the street art in any new city I go to. If I can’t find it on my own, I look up posts like these to guide the way 🙂

  • I’ve never heard of there being so much street art in Hong Kong. I love finding street art in cities and it looks like Hong Kong has some great ones!

    • Hong Kong is an amazing place for art in general but also for street art. These pictures are just an overview, there is so much more in Hong Kong and I am planning to do more posts on street art in HK. 🙂

      • I just went to them today! Missed out a few of yours but also found new ones! 🙂 Thought I came back to say thank you! it was a fun day! 🙂

        • This is so cool! Thanks for letting me know!!!! I’m so glad you had a good time 🙂 Will check out which ones disappeared and which ones are new and update the map next time when I come to HK.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment, Kim. Hong Kong is an amazing city to visit. And I’m happy to help you with my map. More walks with maps are in the pipeline for further cities. 🙂

  • Great post. We have regularly been in Hong Kong – and I really noticed the amazing street art when we were there in January. There seems to be something new around every corner – just loved it! Love the images in your post – great captures.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback! It’s true, there are so many new things coming up all the time – not only street art but also shops and restaurants.

  • I travelled to HK a lot at one time (I lived in mainland China) but I don’t remember a lot of street art there. Actually, I don’t remember there being any street art there, so maybe it’s a new thing.
    It’s interesting how cities everywhere are getting into this idea about street art being a good thing now. At one time it had all the negative connections with graffiti and now street art has become such a more positive thing.

    • Yeah, I guess it’s a trend that has started maybe 2-3 years ago in Hong Kong. I do appreciate that the public opinion has become more positive towards this topic (maybe we owe it to Banksy?).

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