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Books to Inspire you in April

Books to Inspire you in April

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Sara Gay Forden, The House of Gucci

This is definitely a book you cannot put down. This biography of the Gucci family feels like reading a crime story, gossip columns and fashion history all in one. Furthermore, Gay Forden put a lot of effort in her research. I found it really interesting to read how Guccio Gucci started the business as a trader and how he only just avoided bankruptcy. His son Aldo was the one turning Gucci into an international brand and expanding globally. However, as you may assume, after Guccio’s death, the rows within the family started. And there was the murder of Maurizio, Guccio’s grandson in the 1990s. I do not want to give away too much. But this book is a must read not only for fashionistas but for any entrepreneur. I also highly recommend it to those who are taking over or already run family businesses.

Molly Bloom, Molly’s Game

Struggling as a woman in male-dominated industries? Well, then Molly’s Game, is the book for you. Molly Bloom writes about her career path from a professional skier to waitress, bartender, executive assistant to becoming the only woman running high-end poker games. Her story was recently turned into a Hollywood movie by Aron Sorkin starring Jessica Chastain. I watched the movie before reading the book and I highly recommend the book over the movie. It is much more detailed and shows different sides of Molly. Molly Bloom hosted poker games for A-list actors, billionaires, athletes and politicians. She got screwed over multiple times but always managed to stand up again and start from scratch. As you can imagine, being involved in poker, her career ended with an indictment. But today, Molly is back with a plan to foster female entrepreneurship. A badass woman, no matter what you think of poker.

Mark Manson, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

I have to admit, I was really intrigued by the title. I am one of those who do give a f*ck about too many things – reputation, what other people think about me, what will happen in the future if I do XZY. Hence, I thought this book would be a good read. From a European reader’s perspective, I do have to say that at first sight it fits all the clichés we have about Americans – it is a bit exaggerated and – sometimes – a bit repetitive and he seems to ramble. BUT: I took away really good learnings. First and foremost that not giving a f*ck does not equal not caring about others and be ignorant. Manson’s approach goes into a different direction. It is an easy read and perfect for a weekend when you just want to stay in and cuddle up with a new book which gives you new food for thought.

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Albert Podell, Around the World in 50 Years

This is for world travellers and all those who want to travel in their minds. Albert Podell, an editor for Playboy magazine takes you on his world travels – to corners of the world where most of us will probably never get to. After some initial travels, Podell put together a team and attracted sponsors for a tour through Africa, the Middle East and Asia. It is a really captivating read with stories from escaping military regimes, being robbed, to meeting crocodiles in the wilderness.

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