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Lady Gaga’s Best “House of Gucci” Outfits and How to Wear Them

Lady Gaga’s Best “House of Gucci” Outfits and How to Wear Them

Lady Gagas Best House of Gucci Outfits and How to Wear Them

“House of Gucci” was definitely a movie fashionistas had been waiting for. As I mentioned in my movie review, the views on the movie are mixed – some love it, some hate it. Even though I think the movie did not capture the family history as well as the book, the stylists succeeded with the outfits. It is a true pleasure to watch the characters and their styles come to life. I have put together nine of Lady Gag’s best “House of Gucci” outfits as Patrizia Reggiani, where to buy them and how to wear them every day.

What Made Lady Gaga’s Look Special?

Before we start, I would like to share what made Lady Gaga’s/Patrizia Reggiani’s looks stand out. First of all, it was the cuts – every single outfit was fitted to perfection. Secondly, the style chosen for the role is very feminine and also reflects the fashion trends of the late seventies and eighties. This means that her waistline was accentuated with belts and you never always see her in high heels. Thirdly, it is all about the jewellery. I did not find a single outfit where Lady Gaga is not dripping in diamonds or wearing big gold jewellery – even in her skiing outfit. I personally love it, because these details really make the look. If you prefer a more understated version, you may only opt for one big item (such as earrings) and combine it with a more subtle necklace, bracelet or ring or only go for one item.

The stylists of the movie went into fashion archives and many of the original outfits cannot be purchased. Hence, I did some research and listed similar items for you and also applied my personal touch to some of them. Furthermore, given that the story is set in the late seventies and eighties, many outfits include fur coats, stoles or hats. I personally think that today we have many beautiful faux fur options and included them below instead of promoting real fur. As mentioned above, Lady Gaga wore high heels with every outfit. But as you may want to wear the outfits to the office, I also gave you options with small heels or flats.

I have to mention that I am not a particular fan of the “logo look” or buying items just for the sake of the brand name. Hence, I mixed up the outfits and I give you other options. When I found the original pieces, I also listed them. (These items usually come with a high price tag.) However, I also gave you alternatives at a lower price point. Some of you may like the all-over Gucci-logo look at the end of this article and I managed to find the original dress and the bag used in the movie, so I thought I would share it with you.

White Lace Dress at Aldo’s Birthday Party at Lake Como

This was by far my favourite outfit. Black and white can be a tricky combination, but this white lace dress paired with black accessories was an elegant option for the right occasion – Aldo Gucci’s birthday party at his estate at Lake Como.

Unfortunately, I did not find a matching dress and cape with the same lace – I had to use different brands, as there is only a limited number of similar white lace capes available. But I think even a white lace dress itself without a cape styled with the black accessories is a true show stopper.

Black Long-Sleeved Dress with Gold Disc Earrings

In New York, Patrizia wears a long-sleeved black dress with a beautiful cut and an interesting neckline. I really like it because it is a very versatile piece which can be styled up and down with the right accessories.

With big gold jewellery and interesting high heels, this dress is perfect for a dinner or a concert. If I wore it at the office, I would tone down the jewellery or maybe wear some fun and colourful earrings and flats. (I have added some accessories for this office-interpretation at the end of the picture carousel.)

Shades of Purple

Patrizia Reggiani is portrayed as a bold woman and so was her fashion style. She did not shy away from colours. One of my favourite outfits of the movie was this magenta/purple dress paired with a scarf in a different shade of purple. It is definitely a look, nobody will forget.

As mentioned above, I do not want to promote real fur in this article. But unfortunately, I could not find any matching faux fur stole. Nevertheless, I think the outfit is beautiful also without the stole. (If you happen to come across a similar faux fur stole, please let me know. 🙂 )

Red Entrance

At the beginning of the movie trailer, Lady Gaga appears in a red dress and big fur coat. This outfit sets the tone of how Patrizia Reggiani was portrayed in the movie – a woman who wants it all.

I have also included a lace version of the red/burgundy dress, if you prefer a more playful version of this outfit.

Brown Polka Dot Dress

Who doesn’t love a goo polka dot dress? And this one reminded me of my absolute favourite dress in “Pretty Woman”. It is a great dress for leisure but I would also wear it to work. The colour scheme in different coffee/toffee shades is really flattering as well.

The Divorce Outfit

Patrizia wore this outfit when Domenico de Sole delivered Maurizio’s divorce papers.

The colour scheme of this outfit and the cuts definitely reflect the mid-eighties (the delivery of the divorce papers happened in 1985). Nevertheless, it still feels very modern. I found some blouses with slightly different colours which worked really well with the chocolate brown leather skirt. Again, an exciting outfit which I would also wear at the office.

The Gucci bag in the movie is from the archives. I found two current models which are similar and I also added a bag from another brand with a bamboo handle.

Ski Glam

This was probably “the” picture of “House of Gucci”. It was shared well before the movie itself was released. I do not think anyone would ski in Lady Gaga’s outfit, but I imagine that the jet set would dress like that for après ski parties in places like St. Moritz in the eighties. And can we also mention Adam Driver’s beautiful kable-knit jumper?

This is one of the outfits with the most opulent jewellery. Hence, I have given you plenty of options below.

And just when you think, the outfits cannot be bolder, Patrizia threatens her enemy Paola (who later became Maurizio’s partner) in a red ski outfit.

I could not resist and also included a similar red ski outfit with a black belt and gold buckle and red ski goggles.

Logo Look

When married to Maurizio, Patrizia represented the Gucci brand, which also means that many outfits included the Gucci logo (some more, some less). The most memorable all-over logo look is the one when Patrizia headed out to street markets in New York to track down fake and licensed products.

I managed to find the original kaftan dress from the movie, as well as the 1961 Jackie bag.

What do you think about Lady Gaga’s outfits as Patrizia Reggiani in “House of Gucci”? Would you wear them?

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