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Longchamp Repairs Tested – Could They Fix My Pliage Bag?

Longchamp Repairs Tested – Could They Fix My Pliage Bag?

Longchamp Le Pliage Repair Service Test

In my article and about the Longchamp Le Pliage bag, I mentioned the repair service and as many of you have asked me to do it, I thought I would give it a try. This article is about the process and the result of the Longchamp Repair Service.

You can also watch my video here.

Arranging the Repair Service

I used one of my favourite Longchamp bags to test the customer service. I can just carry everything I need in it – my laptop, chargers, notebooks, makeup pouch etc. But it is obvious that this bag has been used a lot, it has passed its best times. There are the “typical” damages of the Pliage on the edges of the bag. One of the holes has become quite big already.

I did some research about the repair service and learned that they would re-fold the bag to fix the damage. This will make the bag smaller. Nevertheless, I decided to have it repaired and reached out to Longchamp via their contact form on their website which resulted in the typical automated email that they have received my message. I expected that they would get back to me the next day or maybe a day later.

Already half an hour later, I received an answer explaining that the damage occurred because this is the area which is mostly rubbed and smashed against things. They offered that I could come to one of their boutiques (they attached a list) and leave the bag there so that it can be sent to the repair service. They did mention that the edges can only be repaired if the damage was small. This would be assessed by a sales assistant when at the boutique. I followed the email up with a question about the estimated duration of the repair and also received a prompt reply. Longchamp was not able tell me how long it would take but they said that the colleagues in the boutique will advise me on this matter, as they have the deadlines for customer service.

The Repair Process

After this, I made my way to the nearest boutique. I was welcomed and one of the sales assistants helped me out with my repair enquiry. She checked the bag and informed me that it has to be folded again and that this would mean that the bag would come back in a smaller size. I said that this was fine for me and then she did a check using a pen for the corners. She explained that if the pen could fit through the holes, they may be too big to fix. The damage in one of the corners mentioned above was quite big already, the pen fit through and she informed me that they would send the bag to the repair services in Paris and it may be sent back unrepaired if the damage could not be fixed. I said that I would be OK with trying it. We filled out the repair form and I was told it may take 6-8 weeks until I hear back. The repair slip was immediately sent via email and was also the confirmation I needed to present when picking up the bag.

The bag came back earlier than expected – after 4 weeks, if I want to be exact 30 days, after I left it at the boutique. I received a text message that I could pick it up at the store and two days later, I went to pick it up.

Result of the Repairs – Could They Fix the Corners?

All the corners could be fixed – even the side with the bigger damage. It also looks nice on the inside – I would not be able to tell that it has been fixed, it looks like the inside of a new bag. (I was expecting it to look less nice on the inside). Scratches on the outside of the bag were not fixed, but I did not expect that. I was aware that these could not be repaired and I also did not mention it at the boutique. The service was free of charge. All they needed was my signature for picking it up.

Longchamp Repair Test Could They Fix My Pliage Corners Before and After
The damaged corners before and after the repair; Picture Source: Private Collection.

The bag indeed is smaller than before. Before the repair the measurements were 45 cm/17.8″ length, 35 cm/13.8″ height and 23 cm/9.0″ width and now it is 43 cm/16.9″, 26 cm/10.2″ and 22 cm/8.7″ respectivley. I used this bag mainly for carrying my laptop and other work things. My 13” laptop can still fit in it, probably I cannot fit as many additional things in there. But it is OK for me.

Longchamp Repair Test Could They Fix My Pliage New Size
Even though the bag is smaller after the repair service, my 13″ laptop still fits in there; Picture Source: Private Collection.


In conclusion I was positively surprised with the service. It went very smooth, the communication was prompt and transparent, the staff at the shop were friendly and very helpful and they also informed me about potential risks associated with the repair service. The bag came back earlier than expected and I am happy that all the corners could be fixed. The bag is smaller now and you can see it is an older model which has been used a lot. But I think it looks much better and it was worth repairing it.

I always try to repair old garments and accessories before giving them away and buying new ones. Given that this service is entirely for free, I would highly recommend using it. You can cherish your favourite bag for much longer and it is better for the environment as well. All in all, 10/10 points for Longchamp.


This article is based on the personal, views, experiences and research of the author, no fees were received by the organisations and people mentioned above. All information as of the date of publishing/updating.

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