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Met Gala 2024 Review – A Boring Green Carpet Saved by a Racing Driver

Met Gala 2024 Review – A Boring Green Carpet Saved by a Racing Driver

Met Gala 2024 Review A Boring Red Carpet Saved by a Racing Driver

“Fashion’s Biggest Night” just happened and I stayed up for you to watch the Met Gala red (or actually green) carpet live stream and media coverage. This year’s theme was “The Garden of Time” and here I am going to discuss the outfits we got to see on the red carpet. Overall, it was a bit underwhelming (sometimes tough to not fall asleep), maybe even disappointing. But, fortunately, some guests saved the gala – even if it was only a very few. I discuss the highlights (quite some surprises among the winning outfits) and the lowlights and I share what I thought about this year’s Met Gala and the future of the event.

(This article is still a work in progress and is being updated regularly.)

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  1. Lewis Hamilton in Burberry who put a lot of thought into the message of his outfit AND made sure that this message also came across.
  2. Tyla in Balmain and Olivier Rousteing also in Balmain in outfits which had a strong link to the short story by J.G. Ballard and symbolising the sands of time.
  3. Lana del Rey in custom design by Alexander McQueen’s Seán McGirr referencing an archival McQueen look from 2006.
Met Gala 2024 Review - A Boring Green Carpet Saved by a Racing Driver Winners
Lewis Hamilton in Burberry, Tayla and Olivier Rousteing in Balmain, Lana del Rey in Alexander McQueen; Picture Sources: Met Gala Official Instagram, Check the Tag Instagram.

Runner-Ups (because of the link to the time perspective)

  • Barry Keoghan in a moss green velvet suit, also Burberry, with a pocket watch
  • Ben Simmons in Thom Browne – the outfit gives the vibes of England and the reference to the short story and he carried a small suitcase with a clock
Met Gala 2024 Review A Boring Green Carpet Saved by a Racing Driver Runner Ups
Barry Keoghan in Burberry and Ben Simmons in Thom Browne; Picture Sources: Met Gala Official Instagram, Check the Tag Instagram.

Just one brief explanation: As mentioned in my previous article about the basics of the Met Gala, designers and brands purchase tables and, consequently, this means that some designers and brands were more visible than others, which made watching the green carpet a bit boring. One suggestion would be to limit the number of guests per brand it a bit more, to bring a bit more variety into the designs. (But as the Met Gala is about raising money, I doubt that this will ever be the case.) This year, the brands who were quite dominant were Margiela, Burberry and Loewe. The latter is no surprise, as they were a major sponsor of the event.

Theme Interpretations

As the theme was relatively broad, there were different ways how guests interpreted it. Anna Wintour even apologized for the theme itself and that it may have been too broad or too confusing. But I have to say, was it really that confusing? There was a short story people could have red, there was the exhibition, the related catalogue and museum databases with thousands, if not millions of garments and accessories which could have served as inspiration. It was quite open-ended indeed, but that itself did not make it a bad theme and it could have led to great interpretations, just like the above-mentioned Lewis Hamilton, Tyla and Lana del Rey. In times of social media it feels that everything has to be easy and fast. But that itself does not make it a good theme, I prefer if you have to look behind the curtain and put in some effort.

The interpretations of “The Garden of Time” were the following: The obvious choice – flowers, “Time is Fleeting” meaning references to the shorty story “The Garden of Time” which sometimes also leaned towards a dark twist and rather looked like goth cosplay in most cases.

Met Gala 2024 Review A Boring Green Carpet Saved by a Racing Driver Naomi Watts Nicole Kidman
Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman, both in replicas/reinterpretations of archival Balenciaga dress; Picture Sources: Met Gala Official Instagram, Check the Tag Instagram.

As I predicted in my previous article, “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” paved the way for replicas, reinterpretations and vintage. Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman wore replicas or reinterpretations of archival Balenciaga gowns. Nicole Kidman actually chose a dress which I mentioned when I discussed Carey Mulligan’s Balenciaga reinterpration for the Oscars – one of the flamenco dresses from 1951. Pretty, but, unfortunately, forgettable. Furthermore, the previously mentioned dress for Lana del Rey was also a reinterpretation of a 2006 Alexander McQueen look. (See details below)

Met Gala 2024 Review A Boring Green Carpet Saved by a Racing Driver Emily Ratajkowski Kendall Jenner Bee Carozzini
Emily Ratajkowsi in Atelier Versace 2001, Kendall Jenner in Givenchy 1999 and Bee Carozzini in Alexander McQueen 2016; Picture Sources: Met Gala Official Instagram, Check the Tag Instagram.

The vintage garments were interesting, not necessarily because of the fashion itself but who wore them. Kendall Jenner wore a dress by Givenchy by Alexander McQueen from 1999 which had never worn by anyone except on runway. There were some rumours that this claim was not true, as it had been seen on Winona Ryder. However, Ryder’s dress was a replica and also Givenchy confirmed that “Look 14 HC FW99 was not worn in the past, and was only presented on a bust form. Since then, the dress has been preserved in the Givenchy Archives until the MET Gala.”[1] Emily Ratakowjsky wore a “Naked Dress” (quelle surprise…) by Atelier Versace Fall/Winter 2001 Haute Couture and Bee Carozzini was one of the guests who confirmed my theory of vintage Alexander McQueen – her gown was from the Spring/Summer 2016 ready-to-wear collection.

Fast Fashion/Sustainability Contradiction

One thing which cast quite a negative spotlight on the Met Gala was that there were two contradictory narratives. One the one hand, there were quite a few guests wearing H&M – to each their choice. (I find it a shame, there are so many talented designers out there who would deserve the spotlight much more.) While promoting a fast fashion brand, ebay was heavily promoted on the Vogue livestream and quite a few guests mentioned that they were wearing vintage accessories from the platform and emphasizing the importance of sustainability. On the one hand, it is about “saving the planet” while at the same time fast fashion walks down the “green” carpet. I associate landfills full of polyester with fast fashion, definitely not sustainability. This aspect left quite a negative aftertaste to the gala.


Winning Outfits

Lewis Hamilton in Burberry

Why does this seemingly simple outfit deserve the first prize? Because he DID LOOK INTO THE THEME! It is a shame that I have to emphasize this here because you would assume that every guest does their homework. (But this year’s gala was yet another proof that most do not.) In his interview with Vogue, Hamilton himself also emphasized that occupying oneself with the theme was the most important part of the Met Gala. I appreciated that.

Met Gala 2024 Review A Boring Green Carpet Saved by a Racing Driver Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton in Burberry and a part of Alex Wharton’s “The Gardener” on the inside of his coat; Picture Sources: Official Instagram Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton wore a beautifully embroidered coat and he and his team did a lot of research around the theme. They discovered a gardener called John Ystumllyn from the 18th century who came from Africa to Wales as a slave and became the first black person and black gardener in Wales. Ystumllyn’s story is one of pain and triumph: As the slave of the Wynn family he learned about horticulture. Ystumllyn fell in love with a local maid and ended up marrying her – making theirs on of the first inter-racial marriages. On the inside of the coat there was a part of a poem called “The Gardener” by Alex Wharton, a black English poet, which also refers to Ystumllyn’s story. Together with stylist Eric Mcneal and Daniel Lee and the team at Burberry, the outfit was brought to life.[2]

What I really appreciated was that Lewis Hamilton wanted to make sure that the message did come across. During the Vogue interview, host Ashley Graham tried to ask him a more social question about the gala which he briefly answered but immediately returned to the outfit, pointing at the necklace and explaining that the thorns stand for the pain through the slave trade.[3]

This is a great interpretation of the theme and proof that the theme was not “too vague” or “too confusing”. After all, it is also up to the guests to put a bit of work and thought in their outfits. This outfit showed that fashion can be so much more than just the garments we wear; it can convey strong, political messages. This one not only prevented me from falling asleep while watching the rather boring livestream, it also saved this year’s Met Gala for me. Chapeau, Lewis Hamilton!

Tyla and Olivier Rousteing in Balmain

At first, I was a bit startled. I saw Tyla in this sculptured dress and did not really know what to think. Was this yet another naked dress? But there was much more to it – when the camera zoomed in, I spotted the sand on her shoulder. This dress was made of sand and stood for the “sands of time”. In addition to turning herself into an hourglass, she also carried a an hourglass-shaped accessory.

Met Gala 2024 Review A Boring Green Carpet Saved by a Racing Driver Tyla Olivier Rousteing Balmain
Tyla and Olivier Rousteing in outfits made from sand by Blamain; Picture Sources: Met Gala Official Instagram, Check the Tag Instagram.

Olivier Rousteing, Balmain’s creative director wore a suit and a shirt with a sculpted face also made of sand. The face was Rousteing himself and it is likely that it is reference to the short story “The Garden of Time” where the two main characters turn to stone. These two outfits definitely needed a closer look and the background knowledge, but they were a true success.

Lana del Rey in Alexander McQueen

Lana del Rey wore one of the more polarizing outfits – some loved the reinterpretation a 2006 Alexander McQueen dress, others hated it and claimed idid not do the original design justice. Del Rey wore a corseted silk dress embroidered with hawthorn branches which were a nod to the end of Ballard’s short story:

“Just below the terrace, between the wrecked balcony and the wall, was a dense, six-foot-high growth of heavy thorn-bushes. The barbed foliage formed an impenetrable mass, and the people passing stepped around it carefully, noticing the belladonna entwined among the branches. Most of them were too busy finding their footing among the upturned flagstones to look up into the centre of the thornbushes, where two stone statues stood side by side, gazing out over the grounds from their protected vantage point.”[4]

Met Gala 2024 Review A Boring Green Carpet Saved by a Racing Driver Lana del Rey
Lana del Rey in Alexander McQueen; Picture Source: Met Gala Official Instagram.

These branches were also part of her headpiece which was also covered with a sheer tulle veil. The singer carried a metal drop bag with a clock detail and a rose in her left hand which was a direct reference of the two figures at the end of the short story: “Beside him was a woman in an elaborate full-skirted dress, her slim serene face unmarked by the wind and rain. In her left hand she lightly clasped a single rose, the delicately formed petals so thin as to be almost transparent.”[5] According to Seán McGirr, the creative director of Alexander McQueen, the branches were also a reference to Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti.

Alexander McQueen 2006, the source of inspiration for the reinterpretation for Lana del Rey.

The original original McQueen design was very dramatic – the models face was covered and she wore deer antlers. It felt as if the model was just the vehicle for a very creepy sculpture. In the case of Lana del Rey, it did look dark and creepy but she made it feel light, youthful and beautiful.

Met Gala 2024 Review A Boring Green Carpet Saved by a Racing Driver Mona Patel Elle Fanning
Mona Patel in Iris van Herpen and Elle Fanning in Balmain; Picture Sources: Met Gala Official Instagram, Check the Tag Instagram.

Further outfits which deserve to be given credit are Mona Patel in Iris van Herpen – the butterflies along her arm were moving – and Elle Fanning in yet another Balmain creation which looked like a fairytale interpretation of the short story. I found it quite surprising that these two outfits did not make it onto more best-dressed lists.



Moving on to the ones which fell short – and it pains me to write this, but I did feel that the Margiela creations fell a bit short. I will tell you why – I loved the most recent collection and runway show for the Maison by John Galliano – it was so dramatic, beautiful designs, makeup, the light effects, everything. But during the show, Galliano managed to create an atmosphere or rather an ecosystem which was not there at the red carpet. While the ensembles themselves still look really cool, I felt they did not really go well with the theme, I did not see the link. Furthermore, I think the effect would have been different if one or maximum two guests had worn Margiela, but it was just too many and it felt that the garments from the runway were just taken to the Met Gala with a superficial story to tie them in with the theme.

Gwendoline Christie also wore the hair from the show which was a cool fact. The actress explained that the link to the theme was that the colour of her dress was inspired blood oranges – a vague link to a garden. Similarly, while Bad Bunny looked interesting in the Margiela creation overall (I liked the sunglasses and the headpiece) but the link to the theme was just too weak. The obvious stitching is a reference of the Maison which could go along the lines of “Reawakening Fashion” and the fabric could be seen as a reference to Britain. Then he also held a flower bouquet made from the same fabric. Was this enough for “The Garden of Time?”

Met Gala 2024 Review A Boring Green Carpet Saved by a Racing Driver Gwendoline Christie Bad Bunny Kim Kardashian
Gwendoline Christie, Bad Bunny and Kim Kardashian in Margiela; Picture Sources: Met Gala Official Instagram, Check the Tag Instagram.

Another guest in Margiela was Kim Kardashian – there was a lot of criticism of the jumper and the way she was holding it. And for once, I have to actually defend her: That was the whole style and idea, because, again it is a nod to the most recent Margiela runway show. However, because it was in a different setting and also because her styling was different, I think that message did not come across. On the runway, the light, the hair, the makeup added a lot of dimension and depth. In Kim Kardashian’s case this was missing. Maybe with different hair and makeup, it may have worked. The link to the theme? Florals on the dress…

Met Gala 2024 Review A Boring Green Carpet Saved by a Racing Driver Zendaya
Zendaya in Margiela, Givenchy with a Alexander McQueen Hat and Celia Kritharioti; Picture Sources: Met Gala Official Instagram, Check the Tag Instagram.

Zendaya changed her outfit twice: she arrived at the red carpet rather early in a blue and green Margiela reinterpretation of Dior – this 2024 dress was by John Galliano for Margiela and the referenced Dior dress was when he was creative director at Dior. It is a polarizing opinion but I think it fell short. Zendaya with her stylist Law Roach have come up with very interesting outfits, this one just felt a bit boring. The small humming bird on the neck was a nice detail, but overall, the outfit was rather forgettable. Zendaya then closed the red carpet in a vintage Givenchy dress from the house’s spring 1996 collection (which was, again, John Galliano) paired with a vintage Alexander McQueen hat by Philip Treacy. I appreciate the thought that they put in – the Victorian-style dress evoking Britain, the flower hat referring to the garden and the “reawakening” of vintage items. Was it my favourite, no. Her third dress for the night was by Celia Kritharioti – nice, pretty, but nothing to be remembered.[6]


Let’s move on to further outfits of those who tried but somehow it just did not work.

Doja Cat wore a long T-shirt which rather reminded of a wet T-shirt contest at first. I was a bit startled because I did not see the link to “The Garden of Time”. I did wonder if she was dressed up as a statue due to the way she posed in front of the cameras. Somebody pointed out in the comment section of my YouTube video that she indeed was a garden statue referring to the short story. As the T-shirt was made from cotton, a popular plant used to produce garments for the fashion industry. With this information I got what Doja Cat was trying to achieve. Nevertheless, I still am a bit on the fence with this outfit.

Met Gala 2024 Review A Boring Green Carpet Saved by a Racing Driver Doja Cat Gigi Hadid
Doja Cat and Gigi Hadid; Picture Sources: Met Gala Official Instagram, Check the Tag Instagram.

This one is a bit more polarizing, as a lot of people loved the look: Gigi Hadid in Thom Browne. The background of this Thom Browne design is quite interesting, as it took 13,500 hours to make and Gigi Hadid stressed that her dress should celebrate craftsmanship, as this is what the Met Gala and the exhibition are about. I appreciated this fact. However, while Hadid’s makeup, hair and the top part of the dress were beautiful, the bottom part looked strange. A closer look reveals that it is made of shirts and it literally looked as if she was stepping out from a pile of shirts. I am not sure if this was the effect they were aiming for. Some also assume that the shirts were a reference to the television show “The Bear” where the sous-chef Syd receives a chef’s jacket designed by Thom Browne. However, I do not see why this would be relevant for the Met Gala. The shirts may be seen from the previously mentioned perspective of giving new life to old garments. Again, nice thought, but it did not really looked great.

Rita Ora wore a dress made of beads from Europe and Africa from the 1st century BC. She was probably aiming for the effect of turning something very old into something new. Apart from the overall design of the dress which was not really flattering, I think this was not only not on theme, it actually may even have achieved a totally different effect: These are ancient beads which were turned into a dress – is this really what the exhibition is about? If Ora’s team had checked properly, this is actually the opposite of what the exhibition wants to achieve. It is about preservation, that some garments and accessories are too old to exhibit. I wonder who had the idea of then turning ancient beads into this dress…

Met Gala 2024 Review A Boring Green Carpet Saved by a Racing Driver DaVine Rita Ora
Da’Vine in Zac Posen for The Gap and Rita Ora in a dress made from ancient beads; Picture Sources: Met Gala Official Instagram, Check the Tag Instagram.

Actress Da’Vine Joy Randolph looked great in Zac Posen for The Gap – the dress was flattering, the details at the cuffs looked like blossoms, maybe those of the catalpa tree. But the denim just did not work for the theme. Posen tried to explain in his interview with Vogue on the red carpet that cotton and indigo are based on plants and, hence, link to “The Garden of Time”. Firstly, it felt like an afterthought – he himself even mentioned that denim is one of The Gap’s bestsellers – and like they tried to just somehow tell a story about a product or design they had to sell. Furtheremore, nowadays natural indigo is rarely used to dye denim, it is mostly synthetic indigo.

Even days after the Met Gala, I still do not have any words for Sarah Jessica Parker’s outfit. We are used to her extravagant outfits in “Sex and the City” or for previous Met Galas. The Richard Quinn dress, Philip Treacy dress and the boxy bag just felt too much; maybe the items work separately. The link to the theme was far from clear and I also do not think it was the most flattering outfit for her.

Met Gala 2024 Review A Boring Green Carpet Saved by a Racing Driver Sarah Jessica Parker Penelope Cruz Rosalia Jordan Roth
Sarah Jessica Parker in Richard Quinn and Philip Treacy, Penelope Cruz in Chanel, Rosalía in Dior, Jordan Dunn in Valentino; Picture Sources: Met Gala Official Instagram, Check the Tag Instagram.

Penelope Cruz, unsurprisingly, wore a Chanel dress which was made from fabric from the 1940s and 1950s paired with a contemporary design by Virginie Viard. Firstly, we need to elaborate on one thing here: Where did the fabric come from? Was this leftover fabric or did Chanel cut up really old garments? Until the date of publishing this could not be clarified. I do hope they did not destroy old designs – I would assume they did not but who knows… Apart from that, this gown gave more funeral vibes than The Garden of Time, Chanel could have done better.

A further disappointment was Dior. As I mentioned in my previous article, there would have been plenty of opportunities for archival Dior designs. Christian Dior himself loved flowers and he designed many floral dresses, if they had chosen to go with a floral theme. (I mentioned that I had hoped for a reinterpretation of one of the “Miss Dior”-dresses.) What did Dior give us? A boring black dress for Spanish singer Rosalía which she herself described as a “black tulip”. Christian was probably turning in his grave…

Jordan Roth in custom Valentino looked like a random mountain of flowers. At first, I was not sure if this was still a Pierpaolo Piccioli design, who left his position as creative director for Valentino earlier this year. I did hope it was a transitional garment between Piccioli and Alessandro Michele, his successor but it actually was a Piccioli design… Unfortunately, not a great one.

Did They Even Bother to Read the Headline of the Theme?

Met Gala 2024 Review A Boring Green Carpet Saved by a Racing Driver Serena Williams Michelle Yeoh Cardi B Jennie Kim
Serena Williams, Michelle Yeoh, Cardi B, Jennie Kim; Picture Sources: Met Gala Official Instagram, Check the Tag Instagram.

Just like every year, there are, unfortunately plenty examples of outfits where I seriously had to ask myself if they even bothered to read the headline of the theme. Two of these were Serena Williams and Michelle Yeoh. They both looked beautiful in their gowns but there was absolutely no explanation what they had to do with “The Garden of Time”. Cardi B closed the red carpet in an enormous black creation – she explained she was a flower growing out of asphalt… Jennie Kim in custom Alaia felt as if she was going to a fancy beach party and Eva Chen’s dress by Robert Wun is, overall, a cool design but not for this year’s Met Gala.

Met Gala 2024 Review A Boring Green Carpet Saved by a Racing Driver Eva Chen Wisdom Kane in Robert Wun
Eva Chen and Wisdom Kane in Robert Wun; Picture Sources: Met Gala Official Instagram, Check the Tag Instagram.

A Robert Wun design which was a winner was Wisdom Kane. While it looked like a “typical” Met Gala outfit which tried to shine on social media at first sight, the details were quite interesting. The outfit looked as if it was slightly burned or decaying – a reference to the time perspective and the analogy of flowers and garments.

Pretty but Forgettable

I had to shorten this list to keep this article as short as possible. 

JLo looked stunning and it felt like a fashion trifecta had come together: JLo, Schiaparelli and Daniel Roseberry. The story of the dress was good – the lower part of the dress was four butterfly wings – a reference to the two main characters in “The Garden of Time” who turn to stone or rather die at the end of the story and also a nod to death and decay. Furthermore, the butterfly is also a strong link to Elsa Schiaparelli herself who often incorporated insects into her designs (e.g. her gigantic brooches). Unfortunately, for some reason, it just did not work on the red carpet. It is a shame, because the Maison Schiaparelli stands for “shocking” and it could have been perfect for the Met Gala.

Met Gala 2024 Review A Boring Green Carpet Saved by a Racing Driver JLo
JLo in Schiaparelli; Picture Source: Met Gala Official Instagram.

I would also like to briefly mention Anna Wintour who wore a floral Loewe coat – at first it looked a bit obvious (“Florals for spring – groundbreaking”, was my initial thought) but there is quite an interesting thought behind it: the coat references an ensemble with a cape by the House of Worth, the “father of haute couture” from the 19th century which is on display in the “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” exhibition. I just do not like the styling – the white underneath feels really harsh. I am not sure if we will remember the Loewe coat itself but I liked the reference to the exhibition.

Met Gala 2024 Review A Boring Green Carpet Saved by a Racing Driver Anna Wintour Loewe
Anna Wintour in a Loewe coat referencing an ensemble by the House of Worth from the 19th century; Picture Sources: Met Gala Official Instagram, Check the Tag Instagram.

Alia Bhat wore a sari by Indian designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. I appreciated that she brought the sari to the Met Gala and explained that she opted for this traditional Indian garment because it was timeless. This was definitely a nice thought. The sari itself was very intricate, a closer looked revealed the craftsmanship. However, was it something new? Not really. Frankly, it looked boring and how I would say in German “brav” and I also do not think it was the most flattering design for her. The sari can be interpreted in so many ways, this one was just nothing new. 

Met Gala 2024 Review A Boring Green Carpet Saved by a Racing Driver Alia Bhat
Alia Bhat in Sabyasachi Mukherjee; Picture Source: Met Gala Official Instagram.

Similarly, Mindy Kaling wore Gaurav Gupta. She explained that the dress represented a melting flower of time. Unfortunately, it was also quite forgettable and nothing really new. This was probably due to the fact that Cardi B wore a stunning Gaurav Gupta dress in electric blue to the Grammy’s in 2023. This cream version for the Met Gala just fell short. I appreciate that both Aliaa Bhat and Mindy Kaling promoted Indian designers. However, I would like to mention here that Sabyasachi and Gaurav Gupta are very big brand names who are now also quite known outside of India. Similar to European and American designers, it feels that we always see the same names despite the big number of amazing designers and labels in India. This is just a thought, maybe it will be picked up next year.

Met Gala 2024 Review A Boring Green Carpet Saved by a Racing Driver Mindy Kaling Cardi B in Gaurav Gupta
Mindy Kaling in Gaurav Gupta which, unfortunately, fell short probably because Cardi B had worn a similar version in electric blue to the Grammy’s in 2023; Picture Sources: Check the Tag Instagram Account, Cardi B Official Instagram Account.


The Met Gala red or green carpet was, unfortunately, rather boring with very few highlights. Compared to the Met Gala in 2023, I felt that more guests tried to be on theme, nevertheless, it was a bit underwhelming. I would appreciate to see a bigger variety of designers and that also independent designers and labels get the chance to dress the celebrities. However, I feel this is probably wishful thinking, but I do not want to give up hope. 


[1] Press release by Givenchy shared on the Instagram Account of Kendall Jenner.

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This article is based on the personal, views, experiences and research of the author, no fees were received by the organisations and people mentioned above. All information as of the date of publishing/updating.

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