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Monday Postcard #100 – Two Years of My “Diary of Thoughts”

Monday Postcard #100 – Two Years of My “Diary of Thoughts”

Monday Postcard 100 Two Years of My Diary of Thoughts

Every Monday, I wake up thinking about a topic for my postcard. This morning, I opened my laptop and realised, it is the 100th postcard I am writing for you today.

I started this Monday ritual two years ago. Initially, I envisioned it as kind of a weekly update to share what is going on in my life and what I plan for the following week – similar to a diary. The first postcard was about my trip to Cambodia. I shared personal topics such as what it is like to move abroad, why I learn foreign languages or why I travel so much. Very soon, it turned into much more than just mere updates. I started writing about topics which I am passionate about or which I have been thinking about the the week before. It quickly developed from a diary about my life into a diary of my thoughts. Over the course of these two years, the Monday Postcards have become dear to my heart because I saw that I can reach so many of you every week with them.

My Mondays now follow a ritual: I wake up, shower, change, have breakfast and then head out to the nearest café. While I enjoy my first coffee of the week, I write the Postcard. I friend of mine recently mentioned that she finds it really disciplined that I write this series every Monday. But actually, I do not really feel that I have to discipline myself. Writing the Monday Postcards helps me get my week started with good thoughts and bring some structure into the day. Initially, I started them to get some thoughts off my chest. I just started writing about them and thought maybe somebody would find them interesting.

Over time, I realised that many of you are waiting for my Postcard on Mondays. Your reactions to topics such as beauty ideals and body shapes, feminism, climate change and (female) entrepreneurs have been really useful for myself too and very often, the number of responses was overwhelming and made me really happy. To some topics, I got so many responses that I kept discussing them outside of the framework of the Postcard for a few days. Sometimes, you saw a topic from a completely different angle – one I did not have when I wrote the Postcard.  I even reconnected with some people with whom I had not been in touch for quite some time. They somehow stumbled across my blog and started to read my Postcards. And some of you even send me links, articles or personal stories to write about in future postcards. When I was in high school, one of my dream jobs actually was to be a journalist or editor with a weekly column. The Monday Postcards kind of have become my columns, creative outlet and space to share my views.

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I am currently working on a small revamp of The Pink Lookbook, which also means that I decided to add new topics to this online publication. When I see your responses and reactions to my posts, especially the more “political” ones, I feel confident that I should write more about these topics. You will see more about fashion (style guides for career women and fashion history), sustainability (also with a strong focus on fashion) and climate change and feminism. If there are further topics you would like to see here, please let me know, of course.

Thank you all for joining my on this journey and turning the Monday Postcards into what they have become. I look forward to many more interesting discussions with you!

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  • Monday postcards is the best thing to begin every Monday with. Congrats on reaching a 100 posts and wish you many, many more. Keep writing — we love them 🙂

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