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Monday Postcard #129 – Tired but Trying to Focus on the Positive

Monday Postcard #129 – Tired but Trying to Focus on the Positive

Monday Postcard Tired but Trying to Focus on the Positive

I am tired. Tired of talking about the coronavirus. Tired of the statistics. Tired of trying to remind others to stay vigilant because it is not over as yet. Even though I would hope it was.

You may have seen it on the website last week, I did not update the No Panic Diary. When I started it, I was committed to writing a journal entry every day. But last week, it just slipped my mind. I do not know if I it really slipped my mind. I think I just enjoyed the time I have when I do not think about the pandemic. Furthermore, my commitment to this website is good content. I did not feel I should write a post just for the sake of writing, which then does not come up to my own quality standards or what I would deem interesting as a reader. Moreover, I did not want to constantly rant, whine or complain. Because, unfortunately, when it comes to the current topics which would be interesting to write about, most of it would result in me complaining about something. Another thing I realised is that my brain must have re-wired itself. I notice that I make many sloppy mistakes when I am writing. For example, thinking about the word “peace” but writing “piece”. I guess it is just a sign that our brains have a lot to deal with at the moment and that we need a break from all the news.

Last week I was very busy with work and it kept me from overthinking the impact of the current crisis. (I have been working on a bigger campaign and am excited to share it with you soon.) Frankly, I also limited my private phone calls because I caught myself drifting off talking about corona most of the time. I found my personal peace by spending an hour completely on my own in the mornings. I go into the garden or for a walk quite early (when I know I will not run into anyone). The silence helps me put things into perspective and appreciate the little things. However, silence is relative. The forests are quite noisy – because there is no traffic, you can hear the birds chirping loudly, woodpeckers working on trees and I have never seen as many rabbits, pheasants and deer before. It is really amazing to see it that lively.

This one hour is a reminder that things are not so bad after all. I still find the whole situation scary. (We do not know as yet, if we have managed to avoid a bigger break-out in Austria and how the measures will impact our economy.) But even though it is challenging, I cannot stop thinking about Schumpeter’s theories – I have studied business after all. Maybe we have reached the state of what he calls “creative destruction”. According to this theory, old economic structures have to be destroyed to create new ones and enable innovation. I do not think that it is necessary to intentionally destroy our economies. But I do think that before this crisis, we had already reached an alarming state. Many approaches, business models, ways of operating and the constant ignorance towards the environment, exploitation and ethics had already been proven wrong. Maybe this crisis is the last chance for our society to finally turn everything around.

I am grateful for everything positive. Last week, I worked really hard with my partners in Kenya to get the new collection out of the country. After weeks of uncertainty, the weavers could resume their work. I am not only relieved from a business perspective but also am I relieved for them. Sales means money for the weavers and their families. Money which is needed during this pandemic much more than before. (I wrote about the situation in Kenya and the other countries where I have partnerships for Pelagona and what it means to the locals in Week 3 of my No Panic Diary.) 

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I also know that I am really privileged being able to spend this time almost as if it was “normal”. Granted, I cannot travel at the moment, which is heavily affecting my personal and professional life. And like many of you, I miss socialising. But I do appreciate this safe space to which I could come back. I am aware that not everyone has such a “back-up option”. I am especially reminded of this when you all send me messages about the pictures you see on my channels which remind you either of Sound of Music or the village in Beauty and the Beast. And I am grateful for the sweet surprises I receive from friends in my mailbox. 🙂

I wish you all a good week ahead. Try not to obsess too much about everything which is going on. Take every day as it comes!

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