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Monday Postcard #16 – When One Door Closes…

Monday Postcard #16 – When One Door Closes…

Monday Postcard 16 Open Doors

How often have I recently heard the saying “when one door closes…”? And I also told it myself. But I have to say, I do not really believe it. Or let’s say, I only believe parts of it. I do believe that some things do not work out for us for a reason. But I also do not believe that other doors just open magically. YOU yourself have to open those doors yourself! Nobody else will do it for you. I think that other people do open doors for you, there is a reason for it: they know you, your work, your passion and your effort.

Being a digital nomad comes with a lot of advantages and as I have mentioned in other posts, I really love it. At the moment, however, I face the situation that I am in a new city and try to build up a network of business partners and friends from scratch. I do have a few people who help me here but most of the effort has to come from myself. And that also means pushing myself.

I had an interesting meeting today which actually made me push myself more. I am currently looking for business partners and the channels I have tried so far – emails and online portals have proven unsuccessful. Instead of cold emailing, my meeting partner suggested “cold walking into the company”. I actually had not thought about it. And quite frankly, it sounded really scary. How should I manage to get past security and what do I tell the receptionists? I do not know anyone there and might make a fool out of myself. But I did not just want to go home with the feeling I had not tried everything I can.

So I looked into the directory of the business tower and I asked the lady at the lift to let me up to a few companies I thought could be interested. The first one was a major travel booking provider. I somehow managed to convince the security guy to let me in and then I was standing there in front of two reception ladies being completely startled that I made it in without giving any name. I straight away started talking, what I do and if they had some names for me or if I could see someone. Summary – no and no, “company policy”. But still I left some info material and my name and let’s see if it works out.

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Even if it does not, at least I will not be able to tell myself that I have not tried hard enough. And that I cannot open any doors myself. And also just for the thrill of pushing yourself into an uncomfortable situation and deal with it. In Vienna we would say: “Scheiss di einfach nix!” (well, I think the way to translate this is “Don’t give a f***”). And this is often my problem, I think far too much about it. I make up scenarios in my head instead of just doing it.

My brief story today is a very small thing but what I want to tell you with this is: If you have been procrastinating about something or need to cold email/call/meet someone, do it now! The sooner the better. If I can pass security guys and open the doors myself literally, so can you! “Scheiss di nix!” Good luck!

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