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Monday Postcard #17 – When You Just Don’t Know Where to Start

Monday Postcard #17 – When You Just Don’t Know Where to Start

Monday Postcard 17 how to get started

Those of you who follow my on Instagram will have seen in my stories that my weekend was not really glamorous. I basically have worked through it – with the one exception of testing out a new burger place on Saturday. And this morning, I woke up with this feeling when it just does not stop, there are hundreds of things going on and I just do not know where to start.

I do love challenges and I prefer hectic and busy weeks. The worst job I ever had was a typical 9-5, where. Despite of my position and high salary, I was not challenged most of the time and my days were spent staring at my screen, hoping that my boss would finally hear me out and give me some stuff to do.

But still, the hectic weeks are tough. I have been up since 6 am and, usually, 6.30-11.00 are my most productive hours. Today, I was just not getting it on. I spent unnecessary time on Instagram, checking my emails and getting caught up in really small things. Even when I sat down and told myself to start it just did not work out. I even lacked inspiration and motivation for this very Monday postcard, the Monday task I always look forward to. And then I freaked – AND I got grumpy. I kept staring at my to-do list, with deadlines approaching but still caught myself looking at the most recent outfits from Milan Fashion Week online… *sigh*

When the outfits on the runway kept repeating themselves and I still freaked out even more (and got grumpier because I am not in Italy in the front or even back row, haha), I decided to just leave it. I packed my bag and went to the gym, with a guilty feeling thinking I should go back to my laptop and get sh** done. But then I listened to a podcast and some music (yes, I admit it, La La Land always manages to drag me out of my lows) and just tried to think about something else. It was the well deserved break I had not given myself during the last week.

When I went back to my laptop, I would not call it the kiss of the muse, but still, I felt that it was just much easier. And the more I thought about this week, the more I had to look forward to: I have an article with artist Eddie Kang lined up for you. He recently did a collaboration with MCM and this interview happened because of an Instagram Story. But I am working on more articles and especially videos too. Let me know what you want to see/read more of: videos, travel, careers/startups? I really want to hear what you are interested in! So please feel free to share!

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My moral of this story and this Monday postcard is: Even in the most hectic and busy times, make sure to take a break. Even if it is only for one hour. We can only push ourselves until a certain point. Do yourself and the people around you a favour and take a step back. Enjoy a coffee, maybe a slice of cake or go for a walk. It really helps!

I wish you a great and productive start into the week!

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