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Monday Postcard #211 – Moon Calendar Insights

Monday Postcard #211 – Moon Calendar Insights

Monday Postcard 211 The Moon Calendar

Every Sunday, I quickly flip the pages to my most favourite section – the moon calendar. Do not worry, I am perfectly fine, I have not changed my whole personality and am still the rational person you know. But reading the moon calendar has become a kind of ritual on Sundays. How can someone rational and fact-based have such a weird ritual, you may ask. I think one does not exclude the other, especially if it adds some amusement factor.

The newspaper dedicates an entire page to the influence of the moon on the following week and gives clear instructions about what to do and what not to. For example, today (7 February 2022) is a great day for a manicure and a face mask. Furthermore, it is advised to cut trees, water and repot flowers. We can even dive into more detail: “A good blood circulation is the basis for health from within yourself. As Aquarius is in the waxing moon, it is a perfect time for massages of your lower legs which help strengthen your whole body. Gently massage the hollows of the knees.” (I spare you more details.)

I cannot even explain why I enjoy reading the moon calendar so much. (I even started sharing it with a friend in Bangkok.) Even though I read it, I forget about it afterwards and I have never follow it. I mostly find it funny, because there are even things like “great day for cutting your toe nails, getting a tattoo, or permanent make-up”. Some Austrians religiously follow the recommendations and schedule hair appointments, host important events or plan the house and garden work around this calendar. 

As I mentioned before, I am a rational and facts-based person. I do not really believe in any horoscopes and am also hardly superstitious. But I do think that the moon has a strong influence on our lives. We all know the scientific fact that the high and low tide are created by the moon. But I also think that it can affect our mood, sleep and daily rhythm. At least, I think it affects mine. Whenever there is a full or new moon coming up, I sleep really, really badly and I have the craziest dreams a few days before and after. (The craziest dreams are on the actual day of the full moon, this is no joke). And sometimes, I am very clumsy and confused (side note: even clumsier than usual). Last week, for example, I started the week by running against a door handle, two days later, I broke my small toe, and another day later, I sat in a café waiting for friend for half an hour, only to realise that I mixed up the dates. When I checked the moon phases, I realised that on February 1st, last Monday, was new moon. Was it a coincidence? Probably. Still, I think it is a funny coincidence.

The moon fascinates me much more than the sun. Is it not amazing that the moon glows at night without producing its own light and just glows by reflecting the sun? When I cannot sleep, I stand by the window and watch the moon. It is so beautiful to see our world in the moonlight. It is scary and calming at the same time. People see different things when they look up to the moon – some see a rabbit, some a man, some a woman. I usually see the face. And when I watch the moon and see that face, I wonder what it is like up there. How small would Earth be after a trip to the moon? If I won a ticket tomorrow to go the moon, I would pack my things and go immediately.

I guess, moon calendars are so popular because they offers something to hold on or to explain things we cannot explain. Similar to a horoscope, they always make sense. (Why would today not be a good day for a manicure?) Moreover, they offer some sort of routine and help to make plans. If we followed the calendar this week, we would know it is not a good week to clean our windows and that we should rather do our manicure today than towards the end of the weak. Maybe this makes life easier for some people?

I will continue to cut my nails whenever I have time. But at the same time, I will also continue my ritual of reading the moon calendar on Sundays. It just allows me to start the day with positive thoughts. (Somehow, reading the moon calendar must trigger endorphins.) And up until the week of the 16th, I need to enjoy some good sleep, because then my dreams will go crazy again due to the full moon. But maybe I am just making this up in my head…

(By the way, I have a last very important note for you: if you plan to cut your trees, finish this activity by Wednesday, because on the 9th, the moon calendar does not recommend it anymore. 😉 )

What do you think? Do you follow any moon calendars?

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