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Monday Postcard #241 – Merry Christmas

Monday Postcard #241 – Merry Christmas

Monday Postcard 241 Merry Christmas

It sparkles, it glitters, the fireplace crackles, Christmas music around the house. The tree and the presents are ready, everyone in the house is running around trying to arrange the last bits and make sure everything is in its place before the big event. The cat is lying in her corner. She is pretending not to notice anything. Every year on the same day, the humans act in the same way. They are all so tense and nervous, sometimes even snapping at each other. It is better to stay out of this, stay in the corner and pretend to nap.

When the sun goes down that day, everything changes. They sing to this decorated tree they brought in from outside. They are happy, they exchange gifts. They enjoy a good meal together, laugh and tell each other stories. The stress has vanished. And nobody knows why they had been so tense in the first place. The cat is still in her corner, she prefers it when people are happy and laughing. She does not get this day anyways – it must be important, because there was a special treat for her too. But she does not really know why. It does not matter, it was nice, it was tasty and now everyone is happy; so she is happy too.

The cat is peacefully falling asleep – in the back, she hears the last pieces of wood burning in the fireplace, some presents are unwrapped and people are laughing. This is how it should be all the time.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas – may it be full of laughter and joy and without stress and tension. It is about spending these days with the ones you love. And there are always some delicious Christmas biscuits coming to the rescue.

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See you all in the New Year!

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