Monday Postcard 271 – Long Time no Read

Monday Postcard 271 Long Time no Read

It has been a while. When I looked at the date of my last Monday Postcard, I was shocked – almost two months have flown by. It did not feel that long but at the same time, it does, or, it feels even longer because so many things have happened since then. Even though it is already Wednesday, I really wanted to send you another Postcard this week – and better two days late than no Postcard at all, right?

What has been going on over the past weeks? Firstly, I was on a long trip to India. Already as a teenager, I have dreamed of going to Rajasthan and this year, after many changes thanks to Covid restrictions, it happened. It is difficult to put everything in one paragraph, I promise you to share more in other articles on this website. But in a nutshell, it was even better than I could have imagined – the coulours, the history, the people, the food. It was definitely a trip I will never forget – sitting just below the fort in Jodhpur overlooking the Blue City while having chai (after walking up in 36-degree heat which was already “cool” according to locals), learning more about the architecture of the Mughals and Maharajas, marvelling at the architecture, shopping like a crazy person for textiles and block print outfits in Jaipur and enjoying the sunset by the lake in Udaipur. I am aware, all of this sounds cheesy, but it was like that and I am really grateful that I got to experience this. It also felt like travelling pre-pandemic and like a reminder why I have always been so passionate about visiting foreign countries.

You may have seen more fashion-related content on the website. As you may know, fashion has always been my passion. For me it’s not only wearing fashion (of course I do enjoy that too) but I always wanted to understand the background: Why was a certain garment created? What was the designer’s vision? What is his/her story? What was the influence on fashion in terms of politics, changes in society and culture? Hence, I decided to dive deeper into these topics and not only publish articles but also videos. As I mentioned in Postcard #266, I finally threw all my reservations overboard and went on camera. And so far, I am really happy about the feedback. I see that many of you enjoy this type of content and also this new way of interacting with each other.

I never really understood the hype of fashion influencers – a random person getting outfits for free and then advertising them to me. Why is this relevant? Why does exactly this person have the authority to tell us what to wear? What I found lacking was people who talked about fashion on a more meaningful level. Fashion is wearable art – agree with me or not, this can be a highly philosophical discussion whether fashion is art or not – but I do find it beautiful that the creations of designers can be worn daily. I have found some websites and YouTube channels dedicated to fashion at a more meaningful level than just fuelling our consumption. And similarly, I hope that my own channel and the articles on this website show a different dimension of fashion than the one we are predominantly exposed to in magazines or on social media. In addition to this new way of interacting with you, I am also working on new things for Pelagona which I will share soon.

An interesting “side-effect” of these past two months was that I have also drastically reduced my time on social media. For three reasons. Firstly, when travelling through India, there were just more exciting things to look at and too many experiences to process at the end of the day. Secondly, I was just too busy and could not be bothered. Thirdly, similar to the former, I just got sick of the platforms, especially Instagram and realised that spending time online resulted in a much better mood. In general, I try to limit my screen time but if you run a fashion business and need to plan out your marketing and social media strategies, you also need to spend some time on these platforms to understand them and get a feel for trends. Nevertheless, it feels like a big fat black hole – sucking in time and energy. Instead of watching what other people do on social media, I rather invest the time in what I want to accomplish. Plus, even if you want to avoid negative content, you will see things you do not want to see or which affect your mood negatively. While I think that younger people today are so much more empowered because of the internet and social media, I am glad that my youth was social-media free. There were the first steps into this digital life – we had “Uboot” and “StudiVZ”, the predecessors of MySpace and Facebook in the German-speaking countries. I remember dialling in – the sound the modem made and that it always took longer to go online in the evening because this was when people in the US had their lunch breaks and surfed the internet. (Until today, I do not know if it was a rumour; but let’s believe it for now.) When I look around on public transport, most people stare at their phones, teenagers even scroll through their socials while going out on a Friday night. I feel like becoming an old lady complaining about the youth but this is really something I do not understand. I will always find it rude if somebody is on the phone while meeting me. I then usually ask if they prefer to be somewhere else because this is what their behaviour implies. Anyways, I can only recommend to reduce your screentime. Especially with the crazy things going on around the world right now, it may be better just to stay off it. (Or watch some videos about cats and puppies at least.)

I did have to scale down on exercising for some time but I am slowly getting back at it. During summer, I was so proud – I ran 8-10 km three times a week and did strength training two to three times a week. I felt stronger, less tired and more productive. Needless to say, the endless summer this year and all the sunshine helped with that. But there are moments where we just have to scale back, take it easy and start again. My first run last week felt a bit strange, in the beginning like a defeat because, of course, I am weaker and have to walk certain parts of the route. But I will get there again. As long as I manage to get outside for an hour, move, enjoy the fresh air and a bit of sun, it does not really matter how fast or how far I run.

Nine weeks left of 2023, it really is true that the older we get, the faster time flies. This was a longer Postcard than usual, but considering the time-lag I guess it was well-deserved. I hope that you are having a great autumn!

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