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Monday Postcard #3 – Hong Kong

Monday Postcard #3 – Hong Kong

Monday Postcard 3 Hong Kong

My postcard this week is a love letter to Hong Kong. I was fortunate to call the “Fragrant Harbour” my home for some time and when I went back last week, I realized why I love this city so much. Here is why:

1. Modernity and Heritage

Hong Kong is famous for its skyscrapers and its beautiful skyline. I actually think it has one of the coolest skylines in the world. What I love even more is that you might feel like in any other metropolis when walking through Central – you could be in New York or London. But then you turn around the corner and suddenly you are in the middle of an alley of street stalls selling souvenirs, soups, herbs or dried chicken feet. I just love the mix of old and new that you can feel throughout Hong Kong. Yes, it might not be as polished and clean as other cities but there is a vibe about this city from which you cannot escape.

My Favourite Hong Kong Pictures Butcher and Mafioso
This is one of my favourite pictures I have taken in Hong Kong. It just does not feel that this was in 2015, right? When you look at the guy on the right side with the coat and hat, passing by the butcher, this could as well be the 1940s or 1950s.

2. Peace and Nature

What?! Peace and nature? In Hong Kong?! The first thought that probably comes to your mind when you think about Hong Kong is skyscrapers, concrete and tiny apartments. However, Hong Kong is much more than that. If you go to the South side of the island, there are beautiful beaches in Deep Water Bay or Repulse Bay (check out my post about a day in Repulse Bay). Stanley and Sai Kung (in the New Territories) are two of my favourite spots in Hong Kong. But you do not have to go very far from the city centre: the Peak in the heart of Hong Kong has beautiful trails to walk or hike up the mountain. And did you know that there are over 100 hiking trails across Hong Kong? The Botanical Gardens are my favourite oasis when I need to escape Hong Kong craziness. It feels like a jungle in the middle of the city. Furthermore, Hong Kongers love sailing to the surrounding islands on weekends.

3. Dynamics and Networking

Hong Kong just has this special vibe that something is constantly going on in the city – party-wise but also professionally. If you have a business idea, need advice on how to progress your career or just want to meet new people, Hong Kong makes networking really easy. Everything is concentrated around the area of Sheung Wan, Central, Admiralty and Wan Chai and you will bump into people by accident all the time. This can be a good thing but it is also a bit difficult to avoid certain people. 🙂

4. Connectivity

The Airport Express connects Hong Kong International Airport and the city centre in 24 minutes! Furthermore, the Hong Kong MTR is one of the most efficient subway systems I have ever seen. It is really easy to escape Hong Kong traffic by switching to the public transport system. Moreover, Hong Kong is a hub for regional flights across the Asian region. Hence, you have the chance to travel and explore while staying in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Ultimate Guide All You Need to Know for Your Trip to Fragrant Harbour View Man Mo Temple
Juxtaposition of old and new in the Central / Mid-Levels area.

5. Single Girl Friendly City

Yep, this is a very important asset for a woman like me. I have moved around a lot – with a partner but also when I was single. And I know how it can feel if you arrive in a new city and feel lonely. In my opinion, Hong Kong is one of the best cities to move if you are a single woman. There are so many inspiring career women who work in banking, marketing, run their own business – the list is very long. And there are plenty of meet-ups to connect. Dating may be a challenge because there are some alpha males who might struggle to deal with strong women. However, I think you might meet the wrong people in any city. The good thing about Hong Kong is that being a driven woman is definitely an asset and not a negative and because of the diversity of people living in Hong Kong, it is easy to find likeminded people.

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6. Fashion Capital

Hong Kong might not be a fashion capital in the traditional sense of Paris, New York or Milan. However, the city promotes young designers and projects such as the PMQ collaborative foster the creative environment. Moreover, Hong Kongers are very stylish and love to dress up. Bring your most glamorous outfits when you visit!

7. Arts and Culture

Hong Kong has become one of Asia’s major art capitals. Art fairs like Art Basel attract an international crowd. In addition, galleries have been opening up and the art scene has been fostered and evolved during the past years.

Are you convinced?

Hong Kong Ultimate Guide All You Need to Know for Your Trip to Fragrant Harbour View Mid Levels
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