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Monday Postcard #44 – When Autumn Knocks at Your Door

Monday Postcard #44 – When Autumn Knocks at Your Door

Monday Postcard 44 When Autumn Knocks at Your Door

When I woke up this morning, the garden was covered in fog, it was much darker than when I arrived back in Austria and it smelled like wet autumn leaves. I met some high school friends yesterday and as the three of us do not have any kids, we realized by accident that today is the first day back at school. I shifted my meetings to later in the day to avoid the traffic jams on the roads to Vienna. My friend decided to wake up at 5 am today to beat the crowds. And today I will not be leaving the house without a jacket. Summer is officially over.

I have to admit, this week’s postcard did not come easy. I actually cannot tell you why I suffered from a lack of creativity and a major writers’ block. I kept staring out of the window into the fog.

September always feels like a new beginning to me. Maybe it is because I spent almost 20 years in school and at university. It is time to get ready for the new semester – stock up on books, stationary and – ahem – autumn outfits. 🙂

It feels as if something new is coming around. Well, it not only feels like this. I have been working on a major project which I will release here this month. I am really excited and a bit nervous at the same time.

Running a business rarely means stability. It sometimes feel like driving through the autumn fog. You have to be comfortable with the unknown. You know the direction and the only choice is to keep going and trust that you know what to do. And, similar to deer crossing the roads in autumn, you have to be prepared that something unexpected might be in front of you. But if you adjust the pace and focus, you will be fine.

Looking back at this summer, it was a truly great one: it started off with two trips: I visited Zagreb and Rijeka in Croatia to learn more about the contemporary art scene and then headed to Poros, Greece for a beautiful wedding. I started working on full speed on my new project and on more interesting content for you on the blog. I went to Bangkok, Thailand and for the first time to Jakarta, Indonesia. We spent some days in Singapore to attend another wedding and catch up with our friends who will become parents very soon. And when I saw the weather forecasts for August in Austria, it was the perfect time to come back to to Europe to catch up with friends, seeing my family and having productive and really inspiring meetings as well.

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I really enjoy the new start every autumn. But I am also kind of glad and excited to escape the grey autumn days and enjoy the nicest time of the Thai tropical climate. I also have quite a few trips ahead. Of course, I will keep sharing everything here, on my Instagram and Facebook.

I wish you all a great start of the week!

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