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Monday Postcard #57 – Christmas Season Abroad

Monday Postcard #57 – Christmas Season Abroad

Monday Postcard 57 Christmas Season Abroad

Christmas season has officially started! Even though I have been super busy with finishing the last paper work for Pelagona, I am all set for some Christmas vibes. It is very different to start the Christmas season in a tropical climate and I thought I should share what it is like to spend the Christmas season abroad.

When I grew up, I could not imagine being anywhere else but in a cold climate during Christmas time. For me, snow, mulled wine and the Christmas markets are an integral part of December. However, I have moved around a lot and had to find my adaptations for Christmas season.

Firstly, it is really, really challenging to find anything like what Austrians call “Adventkranz” abroad. This Adventkranz is a Christmas wreath with four candles. Every Sunday in Advent (ie. the four Sundays before Christmas) we light one candle. In general, finding Christmas decoration in countries like China and Thailand is a bit of a challenge – nice stuff at an acceptable price at least. Therefore, I have my own version of the Adventkranz which is four candles with some decor resembling a wreath. It still works.

Secondly, I learned to make most of the decor myself. This year, I made an Advent Calendar for us using polaroid pictures. The problem living in a hot climate is that if you get the usual calendar with chocolate you cannot really keep it outside, it will melt. And keeping an advent calendar in the fridge is not really contributing to my Christmas mood.

Thirdly, even though my Christmas decor and the weather are nowhere near what I am used to, candles are the trick. I just started to place them all around the living room and it does work wonders for my Christmas mood. (And they have the benefit of not costing a small fortune.)

Lastly, places like the Mandarin Oriental have become my best friends to get Christmas biscuits which are (almost) as good as the ones at home. Even though I miss the Christmas markets and decorations in Vienna, I try to enjoy the decor in the malls. It is a compromise, but some of them are very nice. I also think it is crucial to spend the time with your friends – that is what Christmas is all about in the end: make time for your loved ones. And the good thing is, I am spending Christmas in Austria and it is only a few more days to go.

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You might have guessed from last week’s post about the Christmas Kaleidoscope in Hong Kong that the December theme on The Pink Lookbook will be Christmas – surprise, surprise. I have lined up some posts about my favourite winter destinations in Europe and, of course, Oma will be back with her Christmas biscuit recipes!

I am off now to keep finalising the Pelagona store and get all the things sorted. Another crazy week ahead, but I love it! Have a great week ahead too!

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