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Monday Postcard #6 – When Vienna Welcomes You

Monday Postcard #6 – When Vienna Welcomes You

Monday Postcard 6

This is a very brief update. I have just come back to Austria and I am enjoying Christmas at its best – meeting friends and family, eating Christmas cookies and, last but definitely not least, enjoying what the famous “Viennese charm” (or what locals call the “Viennese unfriendliness”).

After a walk with my mum in the beautifully decorated inner city of Vienna, we decided to have a coffee at one of our favourite traditional cafés. When we entered the café, we waited to be seated. We waited and waited. Finally, one of the waiters started to notice us. We said we wanted a table for two and look towards a free table at the window. But we could not even finish the sentence. “This one in the corner is free, the other one is booked!”, he barked. (“Der in da Eck’n do, durt der is besetzt!”). He made it very clear that there was no discussion – even though there was no sign indicating a reservation.

I always hear from my foreign friends that Viennese people are so friendly. I really do not know where that reputation comes from. Locals definitely disagree. But exactly this “charm” is what makes me feel home. I love hearing Viennese argue on the street (“Heans, budln sa si net auf!”), Austrian road rage (“Oida, host kane Augn oda wos?!”) or the simple “Homa heit net” when my favourite cake is sold out.

It is very difficult to translate all these scene into English. But trust me, when you come to Vienna, you will experience this charm/unfriendliness first hand. And I hope you will fall in love with it! 🙂

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What’s on for This Week

I have some interviews with amazing women lined up this week. Furthermore, I am really excited about going to Budapest to interview Regina Rusz, the head of the Austrian Cultural Forum, and to film at their photo exhibition opening. I am really curious to hear about the work life at the forum. I will spend the weekend in Milan at our annual “reunion” with usually 3 (this year only 2) of my friends. Drawing from our past trips, I know this is going to be a crazy trip for sure! 🙂 I am also really excited to see Milan at Christmas time again – it is so pretty. Bring on the Christmas vibes!

And now, I need to run again, I will keep you updated next week. And do not forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for my daily stories and updates!

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