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Monday Postcard #65 – Decluttering as a Mindfulness Programme

Monday Postcard #65 – Decluttering as a Mindfulness Programme

Monday Postcard 65 Decluttering as Mindfulness Programme

I first heard about Mari Kondo six years ago when my friend in New York told me how Kondo’s book really helped her to finally organise not only her apartment but also, and probably more importantly, her mind. Before her move to New York, I had helped my friend reassess her wardrobe. And I noticed she really had troubles to get rid of her stuff. I was intrigued and bought Kondo’s book. I thought it would be a revelation for someone like me – I had always loved organization and I am famous among my friends for organizing their closets.

I eagerly started reading. But very soon I realized that Kondo’s methods were nothing new to me. A lot of it is just common sense and methods I have used for years. But Kondo’s success proves that there is obviously some need for what I consider common sense. Obviously decluttering does not come as naturally to everyone as it comes for me. Kondo has successfully turned herself into a household name, started to sell storage solutions and her net worth is estimated to be in the millions. Even though I am not part of the “Kondo crowd”, I agree that decluttering is essential. And I would like to share with you why organizing actually serves as my mindfulness and wellness programme.

Firstly, if my workplace or apartment are cluttered, my mind is cluttered too. On the one hand, it shows that I am not thinking clearly. On the other, it prevents me from being more productive. Imagine a cluttered desk, how are we supposed to be productive? We have to move around all the clutter. As much as the space on the desk is restricted, so is the one in our mind.

Secondly, and probably most importantly, I need to organize my thoughts just like I need to organize my closet, drawers and boxes. With every T-shirt I fold, every piece of jewellery I organize or every paper I put in a folder, I simultaneously sort my mind out. I actually learned this from my mum. As a researcher, writers’ block is something she has been dealing with her whole life. We actually make fun of her: when she is in the middle of publishing another book, her office is spotless.

And I do a very similar thing. At the moment, I am working on quite a few things simultaneously. Sometimes, it is easy to get lost in this big pile of tasks. I spent my Saturday going through my closet and drawers and rearranged them. At first, I felt bad for what seemed to be procrastinating. But after I was done, I opened my laptop and finished so many tasks much quicker than the day before when I only managed to stare into the screen. Maybe decluttering is my way of meditation?

Thirdly, a decluttered and organized office and home equal calm. It feels like retreating to a really peaceful place which is essential if we want to be productive. Think about the amazing spas and hotels you have been to: probably the ones you found most relaxing where the ones which were clean, minimalistic and calm.

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I know this whole approach may seem weird, if not crazy. But it actually really helps. Getting rid of clutter can be a serious productivity boost. And this week, I do not have any excuses for not ticking off my to do list because the whole place is completely decluttered. 🙂

What about you? Any further decluttering masters here? Does it help you too? Or are you scared to even get started? Let’s talk!

I wish you all a productive week ahead!

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