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Monday Postcard #8 – Happy New Year

Monday Postcard #8 – Happy New Year

Monday Postcard New Year

I hope that you all survived the Christmas food marathon! I am still feeling like Garfield after the holidays. But the good thing about the Garfield lifestyle is that there is plenty of time to reflect on the past year.

Before I started my own business, other founders always told me that your life will turn into a rollercoaster. It was hard to image, but every year, when I look back now, a rollercoaster indeed is probably the best way to describe my life. There are phases that are relatively calm and stable, others are like multiple twists or loops.

2017 started relatively slow and “stable” for my standards – I did some travelling, worked on my projects and thought that probably the following months would look quite similar. However, by mid-year, my “plan” had to change quite quickly – another move, new business directions and everything seemed to come together. It is funny, if things happen, they always happen at the same time. But when the year came towards its end, I had could feel the slower ending part of the 2017 rollercoaster.

The most important characteristic about comparing your life to a rollercoaster is that no matter how crazy the ride is, it always moves forward. Looking back on 2017, I am really happy and proud about what happened. I started vlogging and had the chance to be a press representative at Documenta and the Venice Biennale. Furthermore, I met so many interesting people who I interviewed for this blog. Some of those have already turned into friends, peers and mentors. I also added new topics to The Pink Lookbook in addition to the travel topics which were just a creative hobby at that time when I started this blog.

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I am currently on a fork on my rollercoaster which will be the first major steps I need to take in 2018. But even though it is challenging, I am excited to look forward. I am ready for this crazy ride.

No matter what 2018 will bring or throw at you, do not forget that at the end of the ride, you will have moved forward. And I am sure it will make you stronger, smarter and hopefully a better person. I wish you all an adventurous, happy and glamorous year. And hopefully, you let me join you on this rollercoaster ride!

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