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My Favourite Coffee Places in Vienna

My Favourite Coffee Places in Vienna

Vienna, the city of cake and coffee. After my staycation, I’d like to share my favourite places for coffee, cake and breakfast.



Let’s start the imperial way: coffee and cake at Demel is my all-time favourite. The interior decoration of one of the oldest coffee places is a clear witness to our royal history. (Kohlmarkt 14)


My insider’s tip is the Russian punch cake (Russische Punschtorte) and their hot chocolate is clearly the best in town.


When you walk up to the café, you can watch the pastry chefs.

The Guesthouse


The bar & brasserie at the hotel The Guesthouse is one of my favourite places for a relaxed breakfast on the weekends. The breakfast includes Austrian classics like the Viennese Breakfast as well as international dishes. I prefer the Albertina breakfast (frankly, I was a bit disappointed by their new interpretation of Eggs Benedict last time, but I do hope they will go back to the original dish). (Führichgasse 19)

Le Bol

For all those of you who love to have a croissant in the morning, Le Bol is the best place. As their French name ‘Le Bol’ suggests, coffee is served in bowls. If you stop by for lunch, I highly recommend the salad ‘Monsieur Seguin’ with goat cheese. As a dessert, their tarte au citron is must! Le Bol is usually quite busy and booking is quite difficult (there were times where I had to call 5 (!) times to be told that they were fully booked for the whole week). So it’s best to be there very early and definitely avoid peak times. (Neuer Markt 14)

Kurkonditorei Oberlaa

Only one word needed: Schokomoussetorte (chocolate mousse cake). Trust me, it will blow your mind! (Neuer Markt 16, and further branches)

Coffee Pirates


Really cool place near the university. The coffee is roasted in the stylish shop with unlimited wi-fi and a nice selection of cakes and sandwiches. (Spitalgasse 17)


A bit further from the city centre, in the Döbling-district, there is one of my favourite all-day-breakfast places. (Silbergasse 19)

Haas & Haas


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A classic – next to the tea shop (which is a great place for gifts). This tea house will make you forget that you are just right next door to St. Stephen’s Cathedral, one of the busiest places in Vienna. No need to tell you that they have a great tea selection. For hot chocolate addicts: you can get one made from real chocolate. (Stephansplatz 4)


Café Landtmann


Apart from tourists taking a break, the ‘Landtmann crowd’ is business people or civil servants in suits using the venue for business meetings and press conferences or the typical Viennese reading the newspaper. (Universitätsring 4)


Clearly, the apple strudle is one of the best in town!

This is only a small selection of my favourite coffee places, stay tuned for more tips to come!

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