Photo Diary – National Orchid Garden Singapore

National Orchid Garden White and Pink Orchids

The most famous gardens in Singapore are obviously the Gardens by the Bay attracting thousands of tourist every week. However, one of my favourite spots in Singapore is the National Orchid Garden. It is just so beautiful that I decided to put together a photo post of all those beautiful flowers for you.

National Orchid Garden White Orchids

The National Orchid Garden is inside the Botanic Gardens. Even though it will be a very hot experience, it is really worth taking a walk through the park. My friend and I planned to have a picnic at the Botanic Gardens. However, we soon discovered that this was impossible – not only because of the heat but also because of nasty pigeons recognizing our food bags and trying to attack us 🙂 We also spotted a 1 meter lizard just casually hopping into the water and a turtle family chilling out next to the lake on the picture above. We decided to head over to the National Orchid Garden which is home to 1,000 of different species of Singapore’s national flower. The pictures below are a sneak peak into the beautiful garden.

Botanical Gardens White Orchids
National Orchid Garden White and Pink Orchids
National Orchid Garden Crown Detail
National Orchid Garden Pink Orchids Bush
National Orchid Garden Crown
National Orchid Garden View
National Orchid Garden Arches Half
National Orchid Garden Fountain
National Orchid Garden Gate
National Orchid Garden Arches
National Orchid Garden Pink Orchid Group
National Orchid Garden Birds
National Orchid Garden Half Arch
National Orchid Garden Clock
National Orchid Garden Orange Orchid

The National Orchid Garden is open daily from 8.30 am until 7.00 pm (last entry at 6.00 pm).

Regular tickets are SGD 5 (about USD 4, EUR 3), SGD 1 for students and senior citizens, children aged under 12 can enter for free

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Note: some areas of the garden are currently under renovation.

National Orchid Garden inside the Singapore Botanic Gardens, 1 Cluny Road

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  • I took about a thousand photos when I went here. I adore orchids! Can’t get enough of them and I was genuinely worried that I was running out of space on my phone! Beautiful photos.

  • Such beautify flowers! I was amazed by the wild orchids I saw in Singapore, and this collection in the botanic gardens takes it to another level. Great shots!

    • Thank you! It’s very true, all over Singapore you can find orchids. But still this is a totally different level, agreed!

  • Stunning photos! I love any kind of botanical garden – we were just at the New York one a few days ago.

  • Wow this looks so peaceful! Can you imagine how cool it would be to get married here?! It would be like a dream! I always try to find tranquil places like this when I travel… It allows for such a deep connection with the place! Thanks for sharing, love! xx

    • Yeah, that would be an amazing location. They actually have a beautiful colonial-style building in the centre with a view over the garden.

  • Wow. So pretty. I am hoping to go back to Singapore sometime this year. Will definitely have to look into stopping by here to see it. I love gardens.

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