Office Outfits Inspired by Sylvie in Emily in Paris Season 2

Office Outfits Inspired by Sylvie in Emily in Paris Season 2

It is finally here – Emily in Paris Season 2! But forget about Emily’s outfits. Even though the two stylists of the show, Patricia Field and Marylin Fitoussi, call Emily’s style “eclectic” and “fun”, I am not a big fan of them. Why would you want to look “ringarde”? Similar to Season 1, I think Sylvie, Emily’s boss, is the true (style) heroine of the show. In my opinion, she is the most underrated character: Sylvie is a successful career woman, who is independent, knows what she wants and has a classic yet modern style. I loved every single one of Sylvie’s outfits – her sexy green gown at the beach club in St. Tropez, the black killer jumpsuit at the fashion show, her purple coat paired with a black lace dress. Sylvie shows that office attire does not have to be boring and she (or rather the actress Philippine Leroy Beaulieu) is proof that you can have fun with fashion at any age.

I put together seven outfits which are inspired by Sylvie’s looks in Emily in Paris Season 2. A lot of them are office-wear but I also included her evening outfits (just because I love them so much). As mentioned in my article about Sylive’s outfits in Season 1, Sylvie’s style is not only sophisticated and looks expensive – most of her outfits come with a very high price tag. (In this season, Sylvie wears a black Valentino dress which costs over USD 5,000. One of the many beautiful but very expensive items.) I tried to mix it up a bit and also included pieces which are a bit more affordable. For some outfits, I managed to identify the original items. In that case, I made a small note which item is original.

Bold Purple

This is one of my favourite outfits of the show. The colour combination is simple: a black base with a pop of colour. I have not found the original coat of the show and also finding the exact colour was a bit tricky. But I found some variations which will achieve the same effect.

I also included the original Valentino Rockstud bag and I am pretty sure that the Gianvito Rossi heels in black with transparent PVC parts are also the original ones from the show.

Not So Innocent White Power Suit

I personally find white suits a bit tricky. But with the right styling, they can look amazing in spring and summer. In the show, we mostly see Sylvie’s white suit-combo from the hip upwards – the blazer and the rings. I added some accessories according to how I imagine what Sylvie’s outfit may have looked as a whole.

Gold Office Glamour

I really enjoyed the outfits incorporating items which are probably not the first choice for office attire. As mentioned in my article Fashion Month 2021 – How You Can Incorporate the SS22 Trends into Your Office Wardrobe Right Now, it is all about how you style them. Sylvie is a perfect example of how glitter and glamour can be incorporated into an outfit for a professional setting.

Office Outfits Inspired by Sylvie in Emily in Paris Season 2 Golden Top Valentino Ruckstud Bag Black Suit
Source: Screenshot, Emily in Paris Season 2, Netflix

Sylvie wears a golden top twice in Season 2: once with a black blazer and trousers and once with a black skirt with a high slit. I have given you both options below. Sylvie wore the same Rockstud Valentino bag as for the purple outfit above.

Black Killer Jumpsuit

In the last episode, Sylvie wears a black strapless jumpsuit paired with a creme-coloured stole with black fringes and gold statement earrings. I would wear this for a night out with my friends or to the opera in summer. The options of black jumpsuits which look like Sylvie’s are at the upper end of the price spectrum (by Valentino, Bottega Veneta and Philosphy di Lorenzo Serafini). I found two jumpsuits – by Gauge81 and Likely – which are a bit more affordable. I would pair the Kendra Scott chandelier earrings and strappy high heels with it.

Cote de Vert rather than Cote d’Azur

When Sylvie unexpectedly shows up at a beach club in St. Tropez, she wears a stunning green gown. On her upper arm, she has a golden cuff. As this scene is by the beach, Sylvie probably wore flats with the dress. I have also given you a high heeled option below.

Fierce Red

Office Outfits Inspired by Sylvie in Emily in Paris Season 2 Black Valentino Dress Red Belt
Source: Screenshot, Emily in Paris Season 2, Netflix

Sylvie is not shy to wear bold colours. Emily’s boss wears red quite a few times in both seasons. Below you find two outfits incorporating this powerful colour: one adds just a pop of red as a belt paired with a black Valentino dress (the San Gallo Edition Dress in black crepe). It has an almost invisible zip and Sylvie leaves it open. As mentioned above, the original Valentino dress is more than USD 5,000, the Jil Sander option below also has a similar neckline and a lower price tag.

The second outfit refers to two dresses in Season 2: One was a short-sleeved dress in red paired with gold earrings and a gold statement ring. The other one was a red long-sleeved dressed combined with big gold hoop earrings. These outfits were only shown from the waist upwards. Hence, I imagined the rest and also added a tote bag.

Have you watched Emily in Paris Season 2 as yet? What do you think? Do you agree that Sylvie is our style heroine or do you have a different favourite character?

If you are looking for Syvlie’s outfits in Season 1, you can find my article here.

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Picture Sources: Instagram accounts of Emily in Paris, Netflix and Philippine Leroy Beaulieu, Netflix Media Center and Screenshots of Emily in Paris Season 2 on Netflix.

Picture Sources title image: Instagram accounts of Emily in Paris, and Philippine Leroy Beaulieu, Netflix Media Center and Screenshots of Emily in Paris Season 2 on Netflix.


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