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Office Outfits Inspired by Emily in Paris’s Sylvie

Office Outfits Inspired by Emily in Paris’s Sylvie

Office Outfits Inspired by Sylvie Emily in Paris

Have you watched Netflix’s Emily in Paris as yet? When I heard that the producer of Sex and the City had worked on the show, I knew I had to watch it. I am also outing myself here as a major fan of all things French. And, naturally, I was very curious about the outfits.

Frankly, even though Patricia Field, the stylist of Sex and the City, was involved in the show, I was not not overwhelmed by the outfits of the main character Emily or even her French friend Camille. But I loved, loved, loved Sylvie, Emily’s mean boss.

Sylvie’s style is sophisticated and looks expensive – actually it IS very expensive. During the research for this article, I dug into the original outfits and most of them were by Roland Mouret and the likes. What I love most about Sylvie’s style is that this is the style of an independent and successful woman, who knows what she wants and who has followed her path. She is not scared to be bold – not only when it comes to her career but also her outfits.

I put together five outfits which are inspired by Sylvie’s looks in the show. Some involve the original items, some are my own interpretation. Furthermore, I also included flat shoes, even though I am well aware Sylvie would disagree. But I wanted to give you options, if you do not manage to run on 12cm-heels for a whole day.

Dog-Tooth Check and a Touch of Pink

Sylvie is not scared to wear colours and I really appreciate that. Looking professional does not mean that your outfit cannot incorporate colours. The silver brooch was placed on the collar of the coat – if the bling is too much for you, you can just leave it or substitute it with a simpler brooch.

Black Office Magic

I love this! In some places this may be considered a bit overdressed. But, let’s be honest, why not go bold? And actually, it is a black dress with yet another big brooch (Sylvie seems to love those) – I do not find it over the top. 😉

Electric Blue and Purple

Another great colour-combo is the outfit Sylvie wore when meeting designer Pierre Cadault. I think the electric blue paired with the purple belt and green earrings just makes for a really interesting office outfit.

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Classic Natural

French style is all about classic, high quality items. In addition to the many black outfits, Sally Fields also opted for some in grey and natural tones for Sylvie’s style. I would have never chosen a sequin blazer for work but paired with the neutral basics, I think it is an interesting option.

Gala Glam

I discovered a new favourite designer for gala outfits – Alexandre Vauthier. Sylvie wears an asymmetric green dress with a chunky gold bangle and covers up with a trench coat. Unfortunately, this dress seems to be sold out in green but Vauthier has another very beautiful one in a darker shade. I do have to admit, premium taste. But I have found two more options in green at lower price points.

Have you watched the show? What do you think about the outfits? Would you wear them? Let me know!

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