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Outfits Inspired by the Halston Netflix Series

Outfits Inspired by the Halston Netflix Series

Outfits Inspired by Halston Netflix Series

A new series about American designer Halston recently released on Netflix. I love a good bio series and have to admit that I binge-watched it. If you love seventies fashion, this is your series. But Halston’s designs were no short-time fad. Even today, Halston’s designs are incredibly classic, yet chic and modern at the same time.

In this article, I have put together my favourite outfits inspired by the Halston Netflix series. I started with my personal highlights from the show – Liza Minnelli’s wedding suit and her travel ensemble.

Some of my favourite outfits are difficult to re-create today using Halston only. I guess I would have to dig deep into vintage archives to find originals. Hence, I took inspiration from the outfits and looked into other contemporary brands to re-create the looks. Of course, I added my personal touch to them.

I also shared my favourite items by the Halston brand which are currently available in stores. Just a brief note to understand the brand: Since the designer’s death, the ownership of his brand has changed several times. Therefore, also the brand has been relaunch several times as well. Currently, you will mainly discover two lines in retail stores and online: Halston and Halston Heritage. You may remember the latter because it was under the patronage of actress Sarah Jessica Parker for two years. Some of the Halston items in this article are part of the current capsule collection “Halston x Netflix”.

I also included Elsa Peretti’s jewellery designs for Tiffany’s. Peretti was a close friend of Halston and the series also shows how she came up with her signature Bottle Jug Pendant, which Halston used with orchids for his runway shows.

Liza Minnelli’s Yellow Wedding Suit Ensemble

Liza Minnelli’s Travel Outfit

I am not entirely sure if I would wear this outfit for travelling. But I love the look. Just a brief note on the belt: when I spotted it, I thought immediately of Bottega Veneta which is currently selling such a belt. However, during my research for this article, I discovered that Elsa Peretti – Halston’s friend who is also featured in the series – designed such a belt as well for Tiffany’s. So far, I have not been able to clarify who designed it first. (I assume Peretti.) As Peretti was among Halston’s circle of friends and frequently interacted with Liza Minnelli, we can assume that the belt design in the movie is a reference to Peretti rather than Bottega Veneta. I could not include Peretti’s belt in this overview for technical reasons, but you can find Peretti’s Equestrian Buckle Belt for Tiffany’s here.

How I Would Wear Halston Dresses

More Halston Beauties

Elsa Peretti Jewellery

Halston’s friend Elsa Peretti was a jewellery designer who also designed pieces for Halston. Since the 1970s, Peretti was a designer for Tiffany’s and designed over 30 collections. The Bottle Jug Pendant which she designed for one of Halston’s early fashion shows is still in Tiffany’s collection – you can find it here.

Have you watched Halston? What is your view on it and how did you like the outfits?

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Picture Source: Main picture courtesy of Halston/Netflix.


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