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PMQ – Hong Kong’s Creative Hot Spot

PMQ – Hong Kong’s Creative Hot Spot

Since its opening in 2014, PMQ has become a major centre for Hong Kong’s young creative talents. If you are looking for unique designs, hip bars and some of the best bakeries in town, check out one of my favourite places in Fragrant Harbour.

What is now PMQ used to be the first government school of Hong Kong and was educating young people since 1862. After World War II, the building was turned into the Police Married Quarters and has been revitalised in 2014 as PMQ with the mission to further creativity and young local designers.

It is one of my favourite places in Hong Kong. Not only can you shop for unique designs but also are there cute little bakeries, ice cream parlours, restaurants and bars.

The ‘Hong Kong Steps’ is an art project at PMQ where 7 groups of artists from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and France painted more than 20 flights of stairs.

The project celebrates artistic styles from different cultures all at a single site for visitors from near and far to enjoy.

There are always new things to discover at PMQ, sometimes there are special markets or popup stores.

There is also a beautiful terrace to chill out.

Here is the list of my favourite places:

Apparel, Accessories & Wellness

Smith & Norbu: Glasses made of natural horn

BLK Sheep Empire: Shoes “daring to stand out, to be different, to be loud, fun and bold”

Coney and co handmade jewellery: Beautiful jewellery, I love their current “Frieda” collection

Loom Loop colourful silk designs: I fell in love with the cool print dress by Loom Loop

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Setagaya Park Bridge Cherry Blossoms Sculpture View

The Dot: Really cool bags (check out their Dragonfly Bags)

Cecilia Ma: Another great place for bags, the shapes and designs are really unique and the place offers weekly bag workshops

Bathe to Basics: handmade eco-friendly cleansing products

Coffee, Ice Cream and Food

Alice Wild lucious: Love, love, love their dark chocolate ice cream

Café Life: One of the best coffee AND cake places in Hong Kong (love their apple cake). Offers coffee beans from all around the world.

Sohofama: Great place serving modern Chinese comfort food

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