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Salzburg Ultimate Guide

Salzburg Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Guide Salzburg View from Moenchsberg Orange Leaves

Salzburg is one of my favourite cities. No matter if it is summer or winter, it is always worth a trip. I put together my personal recommendations. But I also have something very special for you: my friend and fellow entrepreneur Amelie Gross, a Salzburg local, shares her insider’s tips with you as well. Thank you, Amelie, for all your recommendations!

Eat at …

Enjoy a coffee and sweet mini-cones or savoury finger food at Carpe Diem – a perfect spot to people watch. (Getreidegasse 50)

For authentic Austrian food, try K&K am Waagplatz (Waagplatz 2) or Sternbraeu (Griesgasse 23).

Ultimate Guide Salzburg Residenzplatz Sunset
Sunset at the Residenzplatz

Triangel (Wiener Philharmonikergasse 7) is the place to be during the festival season. The decor is rustic, you sit on a type of beer bench. However, the food and wine are delicious and it is a chance to mingle with the artists and celebrities of the Salzburger Festspiele.

Originally planned as a pop-up restaurant, Paradoxon has now become a cornerstone of the restaurant scene in Salzburg. It has a really cool ambience, a terrace and delicious food and drinks. Amelie’s insider’s tip is their self-service gin tonic bar with a wide range of gins and tonics. (Zugallistraße 7)

Ultimate Guide Salzburg Schloss Leopoldskron
View from Weiherwirt opposite of Schloss Leopoldskron

Weiherwirt is located on the other side of the lake of Schloss Leopoldskron. Enjoy the view of the sunset turning the palace into beautiful colours. (Koenig-Ludwig-Straße 2)

Ultimate Guide Salzburg Cat Schloss Aigen
A cat is sleeping while guests enjoy their traditional “Tafelspitz” at Gasthof Schloss Aigen

Austria is famous for the Tafelspitz, boiled beef with vegetables. The best one is served at Gasthof Schloss Aigen located a bit outside of the city. But the food is definitely worth the drive. (Schwarzenbergpromenade 37)

Eat and Drink with a View at …

Outdoor Lounge at Hangar 7. Enjoy drinks and small but delicious dishes while watching the planes arrive and depart from the nearby airport. Inside the Hangar 7, you can explore the private plane collection of Red Bull owner Didi Mateschitz. (Wilhelm-Spazier-Straße 7a)

Ultimate Guide Salzburg Night View
Salzburg night walks

Steinterrasse is a classic and has one of the best views of Salzburg. It recently re-opened and the food and drinks are very nice. However, it is a bit pricey. (Giselakai 3-5)

If you would like to enjoy a great view of the fortress while enjoying good food, Imlauer Sky – Bar und Restaurant is the place to go. (Rainerstraße 6)

Coffee at …

If you are less interested in the socialite crowd, have a coffee at 220 Grad (Chiemseegasse 5) or ice cream at Icezeit. (Chiemseegasse 1)

Ultimate Guide Salzburg Tomaselli Nut Swirl
My three favourites at Café Tomaselli: Nussschnecke (nut swirl), Nusskipferl (nut crescent) and mocca ice cream

Bellinis is an Italian style café with excellent coffee and tasty tramezzini. Located directly at the Mirabellplatz, it is the perfect start for a walk in the Mirabell Park (see below). (Mirabellplatz 4)

Gluexfall is a charming place for breakfast in the centre (called “Altstadt”). You can choose from extraordinary dishes and put together a customized breakfast. (Franz-Josef-Kai 11)

Ultimate Guide Salzburg Cafe Tomaselli
The Café Tomaselli is an institution in Salzburg

Have a mocca ice cream or a Nusskipferl (pastry with nuts) or Nusskipferl (nut swirl) at the traditional Café Tomaselli (Alter Markt 9) – when you walk towards the café, do not overlook the historic weather station on the left.

Ultimate Guide Salzburg Weather Station
Historic weather station near the Café Tomaselli

220 Grad Nonntal is a branch of the above-mentioned 220 Grad. Locals consider it even better than the original in the Altstadt. The breakfast is divine and also the drinks and snacks menu leaves nothing to be desired. It is located in an old manufacturing site or in the shade of the charming garden. (Nonntaler Haupstraße 9A)

Drinks at …

The above-mentioned Gluexfall has a great cocktail menu; especially their gin selection is worth exploring. (Franz-Josef-Kai 11)

Ultimate Guide Salzburg Panorama
View from the Moenchsberg during the walk from the Museum der Moderne to the Fortress Hohensalzburg

Fine Dining at …

If you are into fine dining, Ikarus at the above-mentioned Hangar 7 is not to be missed. They have a guest chef concept with chefs from all over the world and different backgrounds – from traditional, to molecular cuisine and fusion cuisine. It is probably of no surprise that booking in advance is a must.  (Wilhelm-Spazier-Straße 7a)

Ultimate Guide Salzburg Sunset View Fortress
Summer sunset during the Salzburger Festspiele (the annual summer music festival)

SENNS.Restaurant located at the outskirts of Salzburg has been awarded with two Michelin stars and serves regional food with a twist. Especially during the festival season it is necessary to book a table in advance. (Soellheimer Straße 16)

Business Meetings at …

The above-mentioned Imlauer Sky – Bar and Restaurant should be your first address if you have business meetings in Salzburg. Locals also flock the beautiful terrace for after-work drinks.

Pan e Vin is at the foot of the Moenchsberg and is also a nice place for a business lunch. (Gstättengasse 1)

Ultimate Guide Salzburg Small Streets
Walking the streets of Salzburg

Shop at …

Eibl – Mode am Kajetaner Platz is one of Amelies favourite places for apparel. They have a great selection of modern and elegant business outfits with great alternatives – if you are like Amelie and me and do not like to wear the “classic skirt and blazer combo” all the time. (Schanzlgasse 4)

Schröcker Fashion is “the” place for extraordinary and cool fashion. Ines, the owner has a great sense of style which she shares with her customers. (Nonntaler Hauptstraße 45)

Ultimate Guide Salzburg View Fortress from Felsenreitschule
Sunset view of the Fortress Hohensalzburg

New One’s jewellery pieces priced between 15 and 100 Euros and more expensive unique designs. New One is a well-known brand in Austria but it might be a new find for visitors. (Churfürststraße 4)

Feinerlei is a cute interior design shop with hip designs from well-known as well as young brands. (Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse 6)

Ultimate Guide Salzburg Felsenreitschule
The peak season in Salzburg is during the music festival in summer.

Don’t let the traditional style of the shop deceive you – Sperl has one of the best selections for bikinis, swimsuits and lingerie in the city. (Rathausplatz 1)

Ennsmann and Dantendorfer are boutiques for those of you who are into the big premium brands. (Getreidegasse 31 and 33)

The best souvenirs are the original and handmade Mozartkugeln (chocolate and marzipan pralines) at Konditorei Fürst. (Brodgasse 13)

Visit …

Ultimate Guide Salzburg View Residenz and Fortress
Wherever you walk, the view of the fortress is always accompanying you.

Take up the elevator to the Moenchsberg and visit Museum der Moderne Moenchsberg. The exhibitions are really interesting and the view is breathtaking. (Moenchsberg 32)

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This view is worth the hike. The lazy ones can take the lift up to the Moenchsberg and then walk along the path on top of the mountain.

Walk along the trail to the Fortress Hohensalzburg and enjoy the view over the city and of the mountains.

Walk down and pass the St. Peter’s Cemetery, across the Residenzplatz. I highly recommend visiting the Cathedral (Dom zu Salzburg) and the Residenz. The latter applies a very innovative museum concept. (Residenzplatz 1)

Ultimate Guide Salzburg Getreidegasse
The Getreidegasse is usually incredibly crowded. If you wake up early, you may get a glimpse of the calm shopping street before the storm.

Explore the area around the famous Getreidegasse. (Be aware that especially in summer this area is very crowded.)

The area around Nonnbergstiege and Kaigasse is quieter and hosts small boutiques and galleries. (e.g. Galerie Toplev)

Walk along the Salzach to Schloss Mirabell and its beautiful garden. I also recommend to visit Galerie Thadaeus Ropac. (Mirabellplatz 2)

Ultimate Guide Salzburg Horse Pool
Parts of the city are built into the rock of the Moenchsberg. It is really impressive to look up.

Treat Yourself at …

Visit Beauty und Dry Bar Sophia Spatt for the perfect styling for a day or evening in Salzburg. (Aigner Strasse 52)

Stay at …

Arthotel Blaue Gans is conveniently located right in the city centre. The only drawback is that on a nice summer morning, there is no breakfast at the terrace outside. (Getreidegasse 41)

Ultimate Guide Salzburg Getreidegasse Church
Mornings at the Getreidegasse facing the Moenchsberg. If you look closely, you can see the lift up to the museum. There is a way up even for the lazy ones.

If you prefer to stay a bit outside of the city, I recommend Hotel Friesacher. It has a beautiful garden and pool area and you can enjoy the spa if you need a break from sightseeing and shopping. (Hellbrunnerstrasse 17)

How to Get There

Salzburg has a small airport which you can reach from the big European hubs. An alternative is to fly to Munich or Vienna and then rent a car or take the train. If you go to Salzburg in summer or the winter holidays, I would avoid taking the car from Munich to Salzburg as the highway A8 is notoriously jammed with holidaymakers going South.

Ultimate Guide Salzburg View Fortress House
A fortress-like mansion on the path connecting the Museum der Moderne and the Fortress Hohensalzburg

The train connection from the airport in Vienna is convenient, you will be in Salzburg within about three hours. (You do have to change trains once.) From Munich, there is a direct train to Salzburg. However, the airport is located very far from the city. You have to take a slow train from the airport to the main train station which will take about an hour. In total, I think the travel time by train from Munich will be the same as from Vienna.

Language and Currency

The local language is German, in Salzburg a lot of people speak English. The local currency is the Euro.

Streifen Website

Amelie Gross and meSpecial thanks to Amelie Gross for her insider’s tips. Amelie is the owner of Inkasso Merkur, a debt collection agency in Salzburg, Austria. Since 2017, she has been the head of the Junge Wirtschaft Austria (Junior Chamber of Commerce), an association representing the interests of young entrepreneurs. Read more about Amelie in my interview.

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