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Siem Reap Airport Guide

Siem Reap Airport Guide

Siem Reap Airport Guide Title

If you are like me – in and out of airports all the time – you want to use the time there as efficiently as possible. And probably you do not want to waste time by showing up way to early. Therefore, I have made this guide for Siem Reap Airport in Cambodia for you.

Siem Reap International Airport (REP) is a small airport in Cambodia which is the travel hub for Angkor Wat. It is located in the West of Siem Reap, in the vicinity of the temple sites. The building is about ten years old. However, the government plans to build a new airport outside of Siem Reap with the help of Chinese investment.


After you leave the plane, you will walk towards the main building for immigration. (Yes, there is no bus or gate! I found that really cool.) If you do visa-on-arrival, you need to keep right and queue up. Only after that process, you can queue at the immigration counters on the left. I highly recommend applying for the e-visa in advance if you are eligible. It saves a lot of time because you can proceed directly to the immigration counters. Find more information about that in my Ultimate Guide.

Right after immigration, there are the luggage carousels. As we travelled with carry-on luggage only, the total time we spent no more than ten minutes at the airport (from leaving the plane until entering our shuttle bus).

There are some taxis outside the airport. I recommend booking a pick-up service from the hotel. If the airport is busy, it might be difficult to convince the drivers to turn on the meter. As we had a pre-arranged pick-up from the hotel, I cannot give you any reference of the taxi fares. I read online that they are around USD 10 (EUR 8) but I have not verified this during my trip.

Depending on the location of your hotel, it will take you about 20-30 minutes from the airport.

Siem Reap Airport Shop
Store with local products at the departure hall for last minute souvenirs. (They are really nice but airport prices are usually a multiple of the shops in the city centre.)


Check-in only starts two hours before departure. Hence, if you already checked in but you could not print your boarding pass, there is no sense in going to the airport because you will need to wait until the counter opens. In the check-in hall, there is only a small Starbucks. Similarly, after immigration and security, there is not a whole lot to do. Therefore, plan your arrival in a way that you do not have to spend a lot of time at the airport.

Siem Reap Airport Duty Free
Typical duty free area with cosmetics, fragrances, sweets and alcohol.

After check-in, you will proceed to immigration and the security check. You need to present your tickets before you enter the immigration area. We left on a Sunday in the late afternoon, which I guess is one of the peak times, and the whole process for immigration and security took us about 15-20 minutes.

Siem Reap Airport Elephant Details
I admit that I did buy some souvenirs here. They were just too pretty…

In the departure hall, there are the typical duty free options for cosmetics, fragrances, chocolates and alcohol. If you are still in need for some last minute presents, there is a store with local souvenirs opposite this duty free area. Compared to the city prices, the goods are much more expensive. But I think this is always the case when you shop at airports. It is no surprise though that I bought something – I got a really pretty purple belt with a silver buckle resembling a flower. 🙂

Siem Reap Airport Hall
I do not really understand why there is this massive hall with unused space right after the shopping area. On the side, there are some small shops. Further down, you will find restaurants and a pharmacy.

If you leave this souvenir shop and turn left, down the hallway, you will find the bathrooms. If you keep going straight, there are some dining options (very limited though). There are some fast food restaurants (such as Burger King and Dairy Queen) and some local restaurant chains. When you walk towards the dining area, there are also some smaller shops on the left side. (You can see them in the picture above). There is a really store selling soaps and fragrances right at the beginning of the hallway.

Wifi is available at REP. I did not find many plug points to charge my phone. Some of them were hidden in corners.

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I read that you can pay for lounge access if you fly economy and that there is a spa. However, I have not tried them myself.

The airport is closed between 2 am and 6 am and it is not allowed to stay there overnight.

Similar to arriving at REP, you will walk to your plane.

Siem Reap Airport Plane

Do you like this type of guide? I am currently working on more airport guides, stay tuned!

Information as of 24 November 2017 and is based on my own experience and the website of Siem Reap International Airport.

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  • Wish I had this a few years ago when I was stuck there! hahaha! My flight to Hanoi was super delayed and I had no idea what to do with myself… but you’re totally right that the phone plugs are scarce and hidden (deadly combo for a desperate traveler like I was lol)

    • Oh wow! This must have been tough because it is quite a small airport. It always annoys me if there are only a couple of plugs throughout the whole airport. Especially if you are stuck for a very long time there.

    • It is actually OK. But I guess if your flight is cancelled or you are stranded it may be rough because there is not a whole lot to do.

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