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Monday Postcard #68 – Some People Are More than Kind

Monday Postcard #68 – Some People Are More than Kind

Monday Postcard 68 Some People Are More than Kind

This week’s Monday Postcard feels like a follow-up to last week’s, where I wrote about moral courage. I shared how we passed by an accident on the road and how nobody seemed to care if the motorcycle guy involved was ok. Naturally, I asked myself if there still is something like moral courage or if we have all become caught up in our own lives, not paying attention to others.

Last weekend, I was proven that there are still people who care. And some care even more than you would expect them. Especially if they do not know you at all. But let me start from the beginning…

We went to Luang Prabang, a small town in the centre of Laos. It is a really picturesque place with small shops and restaurants and a beautiful national park to visit. We took a tuktuk to the waterfalls and the bear sanctuary and really enjoyed the weekend trip.

Unfortunately, I got sick in the middle of our last night. Even though I am usually super-organised, I forgot to bring some medication with me this time. As far as we found out at the hotel, there was no such thing as a night pharmacy and also the hotel could not help us with medication. So I was lying in our hotel bed in the middle of the night waiting for our flight in the early morning.

We had hired a driver to take us to the airport. At checkout, we saw the car but no driver. The receptionist then told us that he had asked our driver if he knew about a pharmacy or if there was one at the airport. Because nothing was open before our flight and there was no pharmacy at the airport, our driver took a motorcycle to his house to get some medicine for me.

He arrived with a pack of things to make sure he got the right medicine. Can you imagine? He did not even know us. And bear in mind that Laos is among the poorest countries in Asia, so people do not have much to give in general. I am not sure if anyone in Europe would have done the same for us actually… But our receptionist and driver still did everything they could to help us out.

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Therefore, I would like to use this Monday Postcard to thank our receptionist at Kiridara Resort and our driver. Unfortunately, I was not in a state to pay attention to a lot of things, hence, I do not know their names. But I still hope this message goes through somehow.

I wish you all a great week ahead and let’s take these two guys as an example of how to be kind.

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