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Bangkok Street Art

Bangkok Street Art

Bangkok Street Art Faces Detail

Street Art has become an integral part of the my city guides and Bangkok is a a fertile ground for this type of art. This post covers the area around China town and South of it. For this walking guide, I came up with names for the artworks – these are not the official names but I use them to make them easier to remember. I have structured the walk along four main areas and also marked them on the map at the end of this post.

1. Song Wat Road

Take the MRT to the terminal station Hua Lampong. If you stay in the Sukhumvit area or near Saphan Taksin, you can take the BTS until Asok (Sukhumvit) station or Silom, respectively, and then change to the MRT. Exit towards Khao Lam Road and head to Song Wat Road.

“Pink Flowers” in Song Wat Road

This area near Chinatown Gate is less touristy and you will pass by a lot of small companies such as mechanics or plumbers. Opposite of the Shinto Shrine to your right, you will see “Pink Flowers”.

Move on along Song Wat Road, remain on the left side. On your left, on a parking lot, there are two murals: “Bicycles” and “Elephants”.


Charoen Krung Road – Soi Wanit 2

These buildings reminded me of the Hutongs in Beijing.

Walk towards the area of Charoen Krung Road – Soi Wanit 2.

“White Cat”

In the area of Soi Chao Sua Son, there are a lot of murals. Google Maps is not 100% correct in this area and the names sometimes do not match the real street names. The easiest way to find the murals is to walk down Soi Chao Sua Son.

Hidden at the very end of an alley is a beautiful Chinese Temple.

It gets narrower the further you walk into the Soi. The first mural you will come across is “White Cat”, at the point when the alley turns to the right.

“Chinese Lion”

Walk further into the narrow alley. Pass the Chinese temple on the right and you will find the “Chinese Lion”. I kept walking and followed the street turning left and stumbled upon a house with lots and lots of Beagles.

“Small Kitty”

Walk back to the “White Cat” and walk into San Chao Rong Kueak. Pay close attention. The “Small Kitty” is on your left and is easily overlooked.

“What Granny Says”

Walk along the Soi, it turns to the left and on your left you will see a big mural. I called it “What Granny Says”.

“Window View”

It extends into “Window View”.

“Sax and Bike”

When you make your way back to the main street, you will see “Sax and Bike” on your right. It extends into three further murals.

“Reading Granny”

The “Reading Granny” is right next to the saxophone.


The mural then extends into “Rickshaws”.

“Daily Fitness”

The last artwork is “Daily Fitness” shortly before you enter back into the main street Soi Wanit 2.

On the walk, you will get a glimpse into Thai architecture far away from the big condominiums.

Walk down towards Yotha Road, turn right on Chaoren Kung Road and follow the road (cross the river).

The beagles I met along the way.

Charoen Krung Road Soi 28

Charoen Krung Road Soi 28 has plenty of murals.

“Bird on Bike”

The first and probably the most captivating one is “Bird on Bike”.


Right below it, on the left side is “Reading”.

“Tropic Scene”

Opposite of “Reading”, behind an intricate fence and as the entrance of a bar is “Tropic Scene”.

“Yellow Explosion” is hidden around the corner.

Walk further into the alley and turn right to find “Yellow Explosion”.

“When Kids Dream” reminded me of my childhood “artworks” 😀

Walk back and further into the alley. Behind a seating area of a restaurant is “When Kids Dream”.

Right next to it, there is “White and Turquoise Fantasy”, which reminded me of a mural I saw in Singapore’s Haji Lane. I will do some research if the artworks are somehow related.

In between “When Kids Dream” and “White and Turquoise Fantasy”, there is an inconspicuous alley, which is home to quite a few murals. “Hell’s Kitchen” is the first one on the left side.

Bangkok Street Art Yogi

Right opposite of it there is “Yogi”.

Move further inside the alley and you will see “The Brain”. bis hier 300

What do you see here? At first I saw an imaginary figure, maybe a Star Wars-like creature with a helmet. But it is actually a bird. It reminds me of the pictures where you can see a rabbit and a duck at the same time.

Walk back towards Charoen Krung Road, at the end of Soi 28 on your right and opposite “Bird on Bike” there is “Saddo”.

This was one of my favourites: “Cat and Rat”, opposite of Soi 28.

Cross the street, and walk into the small alley. It is right opposite of Soi 28 and not on Google Maps. However, you can see the murals immediately.

“Cat Girl”

Cat Girl and right opposite of it was the cat in the cage 🙁

“Rat” (destroyed)

Right next to “Cat Girl”, there used to be “Rat” but, unfortunately, as with so many street artworks, it has been destroyed.

“Donkey Camera” is right opposite of “Rat”. It looks funny and a bit creepy at the same time.

Charoen Krung Road Soi 30

“Black and White”

Keep walking down Charoen Krung Road until you reach Soi 30 on the right side. Walk into the Soi and at the end, before the street turns right, you will see “Black and White”.

Walk down the street and right before the Sheraton Hotel, there is my favourite artwork of the tour: “Faces”.

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“Faces”, my favourite mural.

The mural is not painted but carved into the wall.

The mural was carved into the wall.

Saphan Taksin BTS Station

I took a walk further down Charoen Krung Road until I reached the area around the Shangri La below Saphan Taksin BTS Station.

I am not sure if the first mural can really count as street art. Nevertheless, I included the “Map” in the list.

The main artwork is “Floating Pink”, also on the outer wall of the Shangri-La Hotel property.

When you end the tour to walk up the escalator to the BTS station, on one of the pillars, there is “Long Nose”.

General advice for this walking tour: Wear closed shoes. The streets are a bit bumpy and can be dirty. I recommend starting this walk early in the morning to beat the heat. (You should aim at finishing the walk before 10.30-11.00 am.) Furthermore, bring a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated.

Note: This post was written in December 2017. After this date, some murals may have disappeared or changed. I am trying to keep it updated and also welcome feedback if you have come across more works or could not find the ones listed here anymore. Stay tuned for more murals, I am currently doing my research in the Sukhumvit area.

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All information as of the date of publishing/updating. We cannot accept responsibility for the correctness or completeness of the data, or for ensuring that it is up to date. All recommendations are based on the personal experience of Elisabeth Steiger, no fees were received by the recommended places above.

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  • Love all the variety, really fascinating! I’m heading to Bangkok for first time later this month so will look out for some of these!

  • I’ve seen quite a bit of street art in Bangkok but never bothered to document it. This is a fantastic guide; thank you for the super-useful map! The “Faces” mural is amazing.

    • The “Faces” is my favourite, too! I also visited cities and saw street art but never documented it and I thought I have to start now to do it. So far, this is only a fraction of what is out there in Bangkok. I am currently exploring the area around Sukhumvit for more murals.

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