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Things to Do in Vienna in Autumn

Things to Do in Vienna in Autumn

Things to Do in Vienna in Autumn Volksgarten

Vienna is always worth a visit. I personally am a big fan of Vienna in autumn – when the leaves change colours and bring the Austrian version of the Indian summer to the city. It is the perfect time to explore and relax. Let me share my favourite things to do in Vienna in autumn with you.

Explore the City Centre

Things to Do in Vienna in Autumn Graben View
The Graben in the city centre of Vienna

Autumn is the perfect time to explore Vienna’s beauty. Most of the famous sights in Vienna are located in the first district in the city centre. I have put together a walk to see all the major sights. Click here for more info.

Things to Do in Vienna in Autumn Courtyards
Do not forget those hidden courtyards!

Schönbrunn Palace and Zoo

Things to Do in Vienna in Autumn Schoenbrunn Palace
Schönbrunn Palace is a 20-minute-ride away from the city centre.

Take the underground line U4 to Schönbrunn and enjoy a walk in the beautiful park of the palace. Walk up the Gloriette for a unique view.

Things to Do in Vienna in Autumn Schoenbrunn Zoo
The Tiergarten Schönbrunn is one of the oldest zoos in Europe.

Head over to one of the oldest European zoos “Tiergarten Schönbrunn”.


Things to Do in Vienna in Autumn
The Kahlenberg is turns into a symphony of yellow, orange and red in autumn.

It will take you about 45 minutes to reach this spot in the Northern part of Vienna. However, the trip is definitely worth it as you will be awarded with one of the best views of Vienna. I love going there in autumn because the Höhenstraße leading up to the Kahlenberg will be lit up in autumn colours by the surrounding forest.

Things to Do in Vienna in Autumn Flowers
Browse the small flower shops and their cute autumn decoration.

Take the tram line 38 until the terminal station Grinzing. From there, take the bus line 38A until the terminal station Kahlenberg.

Things to Do in Vienna in Autumn Sunrise
Autumn sunrise in Vienna


On a rainy day, Vienna has countless options for museums and exhibitions. I personally think the Albertina Museum and the KHM (Art History Museum) are classics and always have interesting special exhibitions in addition to their permanent ones. I also enjoy the Wien Museum focussing on the history of Vienna and the Jewish Museum.

Things to Do in Vienna in Autumn Graben
No matter which season, the first district and its sights and historical buildings are always worth a visit.


Things to Do in Vienna in Autumn Schoenbrunn
Tree avenues at the Schönbrunn Palace

I mentioned the parks in my spring post already. They are a must in autumn as well. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on a bench at Burggarten, Stadtpark, Volksgarten or Setagaya Park when the leaves start falling.

Things to Do in Vienna in Autumn Setagaya Park
Setagaya Park is a Japanese oasis in the Northern district of Döbling.

Butterfly House

After your walk in Burggarten, you can warm up at the tropical butterfly house. The café Palmenhaus next door is perfect for an afternoon cake and coffee.

Things to Do in Vienna in Autumn Butterfly House
Butterfly House at Burggarten

Enjoy Hot Chocolate and Coffee

When it gets colder, you will need a place to warm yourself up. I love to enjoy a hot chocolate (made from REAL chocolate, not cocoa powder) at Haas & Haas. Check out my post about my favourite places for coffee in Vienna.

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Things to Do in Vienna in Autumn Schoenbrunn Palmenhaus
There are two palm houses – one is located in the Burggarten in the city centre. The bigger one shown above is at Schönbrunn Palace right before the zoo entrance.

Explore Areas off the Tourist Tracks

When you have ticked the first district off the list with my walk, I recommend exploring the areas off the beaten tracks. The Viennese call the areas of the city “Graetzel”. I have made guides about two of my favourite Graetzel: Gumpendorfer Straße and Lindengasse.

Things to Do in Vienna in Autumn Courtyard
Even the houses change colours in autumn.

Day Trips

If you have time to get out of the city, there are plenty of options:

I recommend visiting Eisenstadt and Forchtenstein Castle. The latter is situated in the Rosalia mountains and the autumn view is stunning. If you have time, you may head over to Rust at Lake Neusiedl. It is a beautiful town to visit also in autumn and you can end the day with some local wine tasting.

Another option is to visit the Jugendstil (fin de siècle art) houses in Brunn am Gebirge, just a stone throw away from Vienna and then head on to Laxenburg. Take a boat on the lake and enjoy the autumn atmosphere around the castle.

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  • I love Vienna, it is such a wonderful city and you cover absolutely everything you should see in Vienna. Thank you for your all tips, especially the day trips 🙂

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